Quest Free Network Tools

Quest Free Network Tools (QFNT) includes 16 individual feature sets providing dozens of network troubleshooting capabilities. With a straightforward user interface, customizable dashboard, and robust tools that increase your productivity, this FREE product suite delivers additional efficiency and effectiveness to front line IT personnel.

The Quest Free Network Tools suite consolidates several useful network monitoring and troubleshooting tools into a single, integrated interface offering:

  • Network and device discovery
  • Device monitoring via SNMP, WMI, Syslog and NetFlow
  • Exchange, SQL and Active Directory monitoring
  • Cisco configuration file backup and upload
  • Seamless workflow between tools and dashboards
  • Performance and inventory reports

All of these tools complement the extensive real-time monitoring provided by Foglight Network Monitoring System (NMS) and can be run directly from within the Foglight NMS Studio.

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  • Monitoring Dashboard – Customize dashboards easily with drag-and-drop placement of network monitoring tools. Get a summary display at your chosen intervals of key performance indicators and diagnostic metrics of device performance and availability.
    • Track availability, CPU load, memory, disk space utilization, network interface traffic, network latency, and packet loss
    • Leverage support for SNMP v1, 2, 3 and WMI
    • View advanced monitors of running services, process availability, and performance counters for MS Exchange, SQL, Active Directory
    • Access an inventory of gadgets including charts, gauges, lists, text, and URLs
    • Use full screen mode to maximize view and rotate multiple dashboards
  • Application Monitoring – Experience in-depth visibility of running processes and performance counters for mission-critical applications. QFNT comes with out-of-the-box support for MS Exchange, SQL, and Active Directory to help you prevent application failures and identify degradations early.
  • Device Groups – Treat selected network targets as one consolidated target of IPs and subnets, grouped together for quick access when running a tool. Device groups can be used in any tool or dashboard gadget across QFNT to reduce troubleshooting time and set-up required with one-off tools.
  • Favorite Tools – Save settings of your favorite tools. Unlike most network troubleshooting tools, QFNT ensures instant access to your most commonly run tools each time you start, saving you considerable time troubleshooting problems on the network.
  • Integration with Browser-Based Solutions – See continuous display of results from any browser-based solution. This feature is unique in the marketplace and allows you to run diagnostic tools and simultaneously monitor Cacti, Nagios, MRTG, OpenNMS, or any other browser-based application.
  • Tool History – Return to a recent tool run easily. If you’re like most IT professionals, you tend to use the same tool over and over again. The History feature allows you to easily return to a recent tool run, even if the settings haven’t been saved.

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