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You need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year availability for users of MultSess, NC-Access or NCI/XF. By exploiting the IBM parallel Sysplex environment, GoPlex makes this a realistic goal.
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Easily Administer Quest Products for Access and Control

GoPlex provides you with an easy-to-use, full-screen interface allowing you to view and control users logged onto Quest’s access and control products, including MultSess, NC-Access or NCI/XF. It provides a single point of control allowing you to administer and control multiple copies of the defined products. With GoPlex, you’ll have complete visibility into which users are logged on, which products are being run, and on which systems.

  • Control MultSess, NC-Access and NCI/XF centrally
  • Emulate one large copy of each core product instead of multiple copies
  • Establish different levels of control for administrators, operators or helpdesk personnel with an easy-to-use administration user hierarchy


  • 24x7 Availability of Quest Identity Management Products – You need 24x7 availability of Quest MultSess, NC-Access or NCI/XF. GoPlex makes this a reality by exploiting the IBM parallel Sysplex environment. In a parallel Sysplex, no one component is mission critical. Multiple copies of MultSess, NC-Access or NCI/XF will function together to provide one large and robust facility. These copies can then be spread over several computers, or even different sites.
  • Generic Resources – MultSess, NC-Access and NCI/XF can be started as VTAM generic resources. This allows you to assign a common name to multiple copies of an application. End users need only know one name to log on, even if there are multiple VTAM definitions. When users have 'LOGAPPLED' (Automatic) logon configured for them, the logon processing will automatically find a corresponding product that is up and running if their normal copy is unavailable.
  • Greater Processing Capacity – The parallel Sysplex environment provides a simple method of increasing processing capacity. The building block nature of parallel Sysplex processing allows levels of hardware and software to be mixed and new systems to be added dynamically. GoPlex allows you to maximize these benefits by extending this architecture to your MultSess, NC-Access or NCI/XF applications.
  • Scalability – With GoPlex, you’ll have full access to disconnect, force off or send messages to individual users. You can also issue system level commands such as shutdown or application refresh. GoPlex allows a tiered level of administration control.
  • Reduced Costs – Keep costs to a minimum by:
    • Protecting your OS/390 application investments
    • Maintaining use of large system data-processing skills without re-education
    • Managing a large number of systems more easily than comparably-performing multi-system environments

Sys Reqs

Supported Environment

  • IBM OS/390 or z/OS
  • MVS/ESA SP V5 R1
  • IBM OS/390 Security Server (RACF)
  • CA-ACF2
  • CA-Top Secret
  • VTAM
  • JES2 and JES3