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Improving iTIM deployments with Quest One Identity Solutions

Quest One Identity Solutions help speed iTIM deployments, simplify the on-going maintenance of heterogeneous identity management with iTIM, and dramatically improve the time-to-benefit of the solution. Quest One’s two-pronged approach automates and simplifies some of the most challenging aspects of iTIM deployments.

Decrease Costs and Time in an ITIM Deployment

  • Automated Identity Administration – Quest’s ActiveRoles Server helps organizations achieve maximum efficiency, security, and compliance for their Active Directory installations and the identities stored within Active Directory. Tight integration with iTIM provides a unified approach to administration of identities through iTIM within Active Directory.
  • Identity Integration – Quest’s identity integration technologies actually help simplify identity and access management. Quest enables Unix, Linux, and Mac platforms and a number of key applications such as Java, SAP, Siebel, DB2, Oracle databases, and others, to participate as "full citizens" in Active Directory. The result is fewer unique iTIM connectors and a simplified approach to an iTIM deployment.