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Single Sign-on for SAP Environments

Specialized, Certified Solutions for your SAP Environment

Quest One Identity Solutions include SAP-certifed solutions to deliver SAP single sign-on from Active Directory optimized for your SAP environment. Since SAP offers both the SNC and NetWeaver applicatons, any single sign-on solution should address the unique needs and requirements of these distinctly different environments. Building on its legacy of integrating non-Windows systems with Active Directory, Quest One offers:

  • Single Sign-on for SAP GUI and ABAP - Quest Authentication Services offers a module that delivers Active Directory-based single sign-on for Unix-hosted SAP applications.
  • Single Sign-on for NetWeaver - A specialized version of Quest Single Sign-on for Java delivers Active Directory-based single sign-on for SAP NetWeaver installations.
  • ActiveRoles Quick Connect for SAP Solutions - ActiveRoles Quick Connect for SAP Solutions enables the provisioning of SAP accounts from Active Directory and the ability to assign SAP roles that manage access to various SAP applications.

SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver