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JClass DesktopViews

Pre-Built Components for JSE Applications

JClass® DesktopViews is an extensive collection of integrated Java components. It provides everything you need to build powerful application interfaces. It includes advanced 3D charting, tables and grids, printing and reporting, GUI extensions and enhancements, circular and linear gauges, and more. JClass components offer unrivaled IDE, JDK, and platform support and include one year of premium technical support and no-cost upgrades.


  • Offers the widest selection of client-side components for Swing development
  • Delivers superior quality, stability, and scalability
  • Comes with one year of premium technical support and  no cost upgrades
  • Works with XML
  • Provides open and portable Java components and full JavaBeans support
  • Offers unrivaled JDK, platform, and IDE support
  • Includes years of component development experience
  • Complies with I18n and is fully localizable
  • Supplies bytecode, source code, and full documentation

JClass Chart – Embed the power of professional graphs and charts in your GUIs

JClass Chart 3D – Present data in interactive, 3D form

JClass LiveTable – Create professional tables and forms with this essential Java grid

JClass PageLayout – Get professional printing and reporting power in Java

JClass Elements – Take advantage of this essential set of GUI extensions and enhancements

JClass Gauge – Build customized dashboards with interactive dials and gauges

Sys Reqs

System Requirements

JClass components work with any platform that supports JavaBean components using the Java Platform Standard Edition (hereafter referred to as JDK) version 1.5 or later. We recommend using the most recent JDK version available for your platform.

Note: Some code patterns used in this release are not compatible with JDKs prior to JDK 1.5. Some features, demos, and examples may throw exceptions if used with older JDKs.

Supported Platforms and JDKs

Supported PlatformsJDKs
Microsoft WindowsXP SP3+
Server 2003
Server 2008
Sun JDK 5.0
Sun JDK 6.0
Sun JDK 7.0
BEA JRockit 5.0
Sun Solaris SPARC9
Sun JDK 5.0
Sun JDK 6.0
Sun JDK 7.0
HP-UX11iHP JDK 5.0
HP JDK 6.0
HP JDK 7.0


Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS5.0
Sun JDK 5.0
Sun JDK 6.0
Sun JDK 7.0
BEA JRockit 5.0
Novell SUSE
Linux Enterprise Server
Sun JDK 5.0
Sun JDK 6.0
Sun JDK 7.0
BEA JRockit 5.0
Apple MAC OS X10.6
Apple JDK 5.0
Apple JDK 6.0

1 Supported only where a valid support agreement exists with Microsoft.

Supported Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer with Java Plug-In

Note: If you experience drawing problems, you may want to upgrade to the latest drivers for your video card from your video card vendor.