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JClass Chart 3D

Stunning 3D Charts

Build 3D data displays quickly and easily. Create informative and eye-catching 3D charts and scatter plots from your data. JClass® Chart 3D automatically performs all rotation, scaling, annotation, and perspective calculations. JClass Chart 3D is only available as part of JClass DesktopViews.

Building Customer User Interaction

With JClass Chart 3D, your charts are live and interactive. Using the map and pick routines, you can easily build user feedback into an application. Using the action routines, you can do more than just display data – you can use charts to drive the application.

Rotating, Scaling, and Zooming

JClass Chart 3D lets your users rotate a chart on a specified axis, simply by dragging with the mouse. While rotating, users see a preview cube that tracks the mouse in real time. Alternatively, you can specify that the user sees a fully rendered chart while rotating.