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JClass Elements

The Essential Set of GUI Extensions and Enhancements

Loaded with valuable tools and time-saving components, JClass® Elements will dramatically improve the look and functionality of your Java applications and applets. It is also ideal for developers who need to extend and enhance Swing-based applications. JClass Elements is only available as part of JClass DesktopViews.

Swing From the Ground Up

JClass Elements is designed specifically for Swing, so you can use it anywhere you want to extend and enhance Swing application development productivity.

Multi-Document Interface

Easily add the power of MDI with this component that extends Swing's JDesktop view, enabling you to:

  • Optimize screen real estate
  • Switch to any internal frame or select from tiling algorithms using an automatic localized menu

Powerful Wizards and Managers

A combination of managers and tools that includes:

  • Wizard Manager for easy creation of Wizard components
  • Align and grid layout managers for easy form creation
  • Springs and braces-based layout for advanced component layout
  • Extended action model that supports mnemonics and accelerators
  • Easy-to-use HTML panel that automatically supports hyperlinks
  • Sorting tools, including a shrink-wrapped user-sortable version of Swing's JTable

Robust Value-Added Components and Beans

  • Multi-column outliner designed to use an extended Swing tree data model
  • Tree explorer, a JTree/JTable combination that uses the same data model as the multi-column outliner
  • Circular gauge with customizable settings including ranges, color, labels, needles, and ticks
  • Spin boxes for a variety of core Java types
  • Multi-column list box for easy multi-item list selection
  • Progress helper that displays a cancelable progress bar during any task
  • Font choosers for toolbars and panes
  • Edit dates and time using a drop-down calendar
  • Message helper that displays errors and warnings
  • Checkbox list for automatic generation of a group of radio buttons from a list

JClass Elements gives you all the GUI extensions and enhancements you need for real-world application development.