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JClass LiveTable

The Essential Java Grid for Creating Professional Tables and Forms

JClass® LiveTable is a robust and scalable Java grid that saves you time and money in the development of virtually any Java GUI. Fast, flexible, and easy to use – JClass LiveTable supports data-intensive environments through automatic data-binding and XML support, and lets you provide a wide variety of user interactions. JClass LiveTable is only available as part of JClass DesktopViews.

JClass LiveTable example

JClass LiveTable can easily be configured to act as a spreadsheet, data-entry form, multi-column list, or data grid. Built-in formula abstractions allow the developer to add customized spreadsheet functionality to tables quickly and easily.

Highly Configurable

JClass LiveTable provides extensive properties and methods with a wide variety of customization options. Interactive features such as cell resizing, on-the-fly sorting, and searching are easy to use. Since the properties of JClass LiveTable can be changed at run-time, you get the ultimate in flexibility and reuse. 

Superior, Scalable Performance

JClass LiveTable is optimized to provide superior performance as you scale your operating conditions. JClass LiveTable supports huge virtual tables (up to 2 billion x 2 billion cells) and uses a unique queued scrolling system that allows real-time scrolling with smooth repainting. Fast cell-level re-draw gives you maximum efficiency. Plus, you can turn double-buffering on or off as needed.

Total Control Over Fonts, Color, and Images

JClass LiveTable gives you total control over color, font, border styles, and shading using a unique style-based property-setting mechanism. Your data can mix fonts, color, and images using raw HTML.

Any Data from Anywhere

With JClass LiveTable, your tables can be populated with data from a file, an XML-based data source, a URL via HTTP, a relational database via JDBC, supplied programmatically or entered by an end user. 

Automatic Database Binding

JClass LiveTable automatically binds to your database, enabling point-and-click RAD engineering (requires JClass DataSource). 

Customizable Cells

Many of JClass LiveTable's properties can be set on a per-cell basis enabling effortless control over cell content. JClass LiveTable also uses customizable cell renderer and editor architecture to give you the flexibility to create a table that suits your needs. These can be associated with a cell's data type or with a specific region of the table.

Printing Support

JClass LiveTable fully supports the JDK printing capabilities and extends them to give you print preview functionality, allowing users to view how the table will be printed and paginated before it is sent to a printer. Large tables are automatically spanned across multiple pages and customizable headers and footers are also supported, so your tables look great on paper.

Dare to Compare

JClass LiveTable is the most powerful means of displaying and manipulating data in tables. JClass LiveTable is powerful and flexible enough for virtually any task, but still easy to program and use. It's the essential grid for professional GUI developers.