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Application Readiness Program - ChangeBASE Profile Edition

Simplify migration projects through automated discovery, cataloging and testing enterprise applications

The application compatibility challenge: Migration projects -- like moving to Windows 7/8 or migrating to Server 2012  -- are a huge pain for IT infrastructure and operations professionals, who are charged with identifying, testing and fixing thousands of applications. Assessing application readiness alone can take months. Escalating user demands, fewer resources and smaller budgets only magnify this challenge. And now with XP End of Life (EOL) and Windows Server 2003 EOL looming, organizations need to kick start their migration projects to benefit from the latest technology and avoid wasting their IT budgets on support costs and challenges for old (and soon to be unsupported) environments.

Simplify with Dell Software: Some organizations don’t know where to start or have hit a speed bump along the way.  Dell Software’s Application Readiness Program can help in both scenarios.  Before your clients begin their desktop or server migration project, help them understand their application estate, including which applications they have and which ones will work on their target environment. Dell Software’s Application Readiness Program takes the guesswork out of all of those questions. It dramatically simplifies the discovery process and provides a turnkey assessment of a sample set of applications. With Dell™ ChangeBASE, you can quickly evaluate up to 100 applications for migration readiness and remediate 10 percent of those applications. Dell ChangeBASE certified partners can assess applications for their compatibility on Windows 7/8, Office 2010, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012, as well as  64-bit architecture.


•Accelerate desktop and server application migration projects through automation

•Speed discovery and cataloging of applications in use

•Rationalize applications and eliminate unused or redundant ones

•Test and remediate a sample set of your client’s application estate and assess application migration readiness


The Application Readiness Program provides a 60-day license of ChangeBASE Profile Edition to qualified Dell ChangeBASE partners. It includes a special bundle of Asset Manager – Discovery Edition for the total number of devices in your client’s environment and Dell ChangeBASE – Profile Edition to assess up to 100 applications to get a high-level summary report, generate a detailed granular report on 10 percent of the applications and remediate 10 percent of the applications for desktop and server application readiness.

This allows you to:

  • Discover and identify: Rapidly identify and categorize more than 85 percent of all software you discover without any manual effort. Normalize software data to spot variations in installations.
  • Plan and rationalize: Use passive metering to track when and how often software is used. Rationalize applications by identifying unused the ones you can retire as well as who owns them.
  • Assess compatibility:  Review up to 100 applications automatically for compatibility with Windows 7/8, Office 2010, 64-bit architecture, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012. The ChangeBASE Profile license allows you to gauge application readiness with an intuitive high-level “red, amber, green” report on 100 applications and a deep dive granular report on 10 percent.  The ChangeBASE Profile license also allows you to remediate 10 percent of applications with identified amber issues.

Getting started is easy. Here’s how:

  • Make sure you are Certified in Dell Software ChangeBASE. CBT training is available through the PartnerDirect.
  • Request your free Profile Edition license key from Request License. You will need to provide your name, company name, email address, phone number, name of customer and number of desktops and/or devices as well as number of applications.
  • Once approved, you will receive a free license key.
  • Make sure you download the Application Readiness Program Partner Guide
  • Start engaging your clients and use Dell Software to ensure your client’s application readiness!

Contact Your Dell Software Account/Alliance Manager for any other requirements