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High Availability Solutions for MPE

System Clustering, Replication and Disaster Recovery for 24x7 Data Accessibility

Your company’s competitiveness relies on its data. And with internet and global transactions an integral part of every business, you can’t afford data inaccessibility among end users. In every office, fault-resiliency, uninterrupted system uptime, and continuous data availability in applications are essential to every system. Quest Software helps your business adjust to today’s changing technological landscape with one integrated set of solution.

Our high availability solutions for MPE distribute business-critical information and application usage across the entire LAN or WAN. Ensuring 24X7 data accessibility even in heterogeneous environments, we improve system performance with workload balancing and data.

In addition, we help you create an open systems environment with legacy systems. And we ease system implementation by supplying metrics about network performance. Lastly, we ensure real-time access to mission-critical data through application replication, clustering, data distribution, and disaster recovery.