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Output Management Solutions for MPE

Flexible Information Access Through Report Warehousing, Viewing and Printing

Managing and balancing a dynamic mix of users, applications, spool files and printing resources on a heterogeneous network is a difficult and time-consuming task. In these environments driven by HP 3000 computers, you must give users efficient, flexible access to network printing resources while maximizing overall data output resources.

To address these challenges, Quest Software provides a wide range of output management solutions for MPE. These solutions allow network users to access the right printer on the network for the right job, as well as dedicated print resources for easy print distribution or online viewing.

Our solutions also increase options in the event of a disaster, system outage or network segment failure. Alternative printing capabilities are available instantly if primary printers go down. And we quickly provide online report viewing, searching, and storage of critical reports on whether printers are unavailable or non-existent, or the spool file is not yet printed.