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NBSpool Connectivity

Automate Print Job Routing

NBSpool® Connectivity automatically routes print jobs from the HP 3000 to any open system in the network for execution. Its connectivity option enables you to send spool files to multiple destinations across heterogeneous platforms and operating environments. By creating background jobs to automatically move spool files from the HP 3000 to any network printer, it streamlines and automates spool-file management. You choose whether to keep or delete the original spool files once they’ve moved to a new destination.


  • Outputs to MPE, Unix, Jet Direct, and various printers on LAN or WAN
  • Facilitates printer sharing via LPR/LPD over network
  • Specifies a subset based on DFID numbers, job/session numbers, output priorities, logical device numbers, device classes, filenames, user names, creation dates, and spool file sizes

Sys Reqs

  • Any HP 3000 computer with any HP-supported network
  • Additional HP-provided software required for some modules