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NBSpool for MPE

Print from Anywhere to Anywhere at Any Time

NBSpool® for MPE simplifies the task of extending advanced printing capabilities to all of your HP 3000 users. It supplies all the printing resources you need with its proven, high-performance spool file management system, providing network spooling, network connectivity, and output management. NBSpool balances user needs with available printer resources, automates output redirection, manages forms and banners, bundles reports, and automates the archiving of spool files. Extensive output management features allow you to seamlessly deliver printing capabilities across networks and printer devices. NBSpool detects errors automatically and selects alternate printers in the event of an outage. Intuitive commands facilitate the distribution of information to the appropriate resources within the organization.


  • Performs spool operations on groups of spool files, eliminating unnecessary, repetitive commands
  • Processes spool files with an event-driven capture and provides immediate viewing of reports as they progress
  • Archives critical historical information to secured external media; archiving parameters can be invoked to select a specific group of spool files
  • Takes selective action based on the presence of a specific spool file, either created locally or received from a remote host
  • Applies a powerful spool file selection criteria and a subset option to any NBSpool command

Sys Reqs

  • Any HP 3000 computer with any HP-supported network
  • Additional HP-provided software required for some modules