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NetBase Client

Intuitive APIs for Direct Client/Server Technology

NetBase® Client provides a central console for users to share data across the network. This strategic solution for legacy systems to interface with open systems uses our NetBase caching to accelerate access and minimize overhead. It simplifies client/server application creation as well as re-engineering of existing applications. And NetBase Client offers a complete set of APIs that give Unix, DOS, and Windows 95/NT client/server applications direct read-and-write access through standard 16 or 32-bit TurboIMAGE, OMNIDEX, or MPE intrinsic calls to data residing in MPE files, KSAM files, and TurboIMAGE databases on HP 3000 systems.

By using its APIs with Unix or Windows applications, you can cut development time in half. Plus, you can quickly implement applications that are tightly integrated with existing HP 3000 systems using simple recompiles with DLLs (e.g., Oracle, Informix, Sybase, COBOL, Microfocus, Excel, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, or any of the other DOS/UNIX/Windows tools available). It also executes RPC calls on the HP 3000 via the NBRPC interface.


  • Reduces OS user licensing by providing simultaneous node access to remote files without remote logons
  • Enables logical transactions in client/server environments with DBXBEGIN/DBXEND intrinsics
  • Performs remote procedure calls to load and execute
  • Works with many client/server development packages

Sys Reqs

  • Any HP 3000 computer with any HP-supported network
  • Additional HP-provided software required for some modules