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Quest Customer FAQ

Quest Acquires NetPro

Quest Software has acquired NetPro Computing, Inc., a leading provider of infrastructure optimization software. The addition of NetPro brings together two of the undisputed experts in Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server migration, management and security solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Combined, this organization will continue to deliver innovative software to customers and partners around the world.

How did you make decisions on which products go forward?

Combining organizations like Quest Software and NetPro is difficult with a high degree of overlap in several product categories. We therefore spent a great deal of time and effort rationalizing the combined product lineup, and took pains to ensure that significant, mission-critical capabilities were maintained. We also strove to minimize impact to customers, considering the existing customer base for each product along with its features. Therefore, our combined product roadmap was built around the following objectives:

  • Offer one product that provides a superior solution for each customer challenge. Where possible, superfluous products will be discontinued and key features integrated into the retained product.
  • Continue supporting discontinued products through at least December 31, 2009.
  • Provide customers with free upgrades to "go forward" products as needed.

Which products are going forward and which are going to be sunset?

Please review the Quest Software and NetPro Product Rationalization Roadmap white paper. In it, we outline which products are be retained, which are being sunset and provide recommendations of what steps users of a particular product ought do.

I am considering the purchase of a product destined to be sunset. What should I do?

While the decision to purchase is ultimately yours, we want to assure you that whatever you decide, your investment will be protected. You can be sure that if you purchase a product destined to be sunset, that Quest will offer support for that product until December 31, 2009. In addition, you will receive the go-forward product at no additional license fee provided your organization is current on maintenance. Please note that Quest will work to add key features from the products destined to be sunset into the go-forward products.

I own a product destined to be sunset. What do I do next?

Generally speaking, your best option is to upgrade to the go-forward product as soon as possible. Provided you are current on maintenance, you can upgrade with no additional license cost. Alternatively, you can remain on the existing product until support for that product ends, which is December 31, 2009. Regardless as to when you upgrade, Quest will work with each organization to discuss upgrade paths. For more information what your organization ought do next, please read the Quest Software and NetPro Product Rationalization Roadmap white paper or contact your account executive.

I own a go-forward product as outlined in the white paper. What ought my organization do next?

Nothing. Your product will likely be enhanced to include important features from the sunset product and, provided you are current on maintenance, you will reap the benefits of those new features soon.

The go forward product is missing features that my business depends on. What should I do?

During the product rationalization process, it became apparent that important features exist in products destined to be sunset. Quest will work to include these key features in the go-forward products. If you have questions specific to a product and feature, please contact your account executive who will work with the appropriate product manager to address your concern.

Where will I get support for my product?

For the next several months, you will obtain support for your product as you always have – for NetPro products, contact the NetPro support organization; for Quest products, contact Quest. Over time, product support will be migrated to the Quest support organization. You will be informed when that change is scheduled to take place.

Will my support be affected? That is, my organization currently enjoys extended, 24/7 support. Will that continue?

Yes. If you organization enjoys extended support today, that option will be available in the future.

Quest has a different licensing model than NetPro. Will I need to spend money to true up to the go-forward Quest product?

No. NetPro has used a "per heartbeat" licensing model meaning that customers required only one license for each person using the software. Quest users a "per enabled account" licensing model. This means that a single user might equate to two or more licenses. For example, an administrator might have a user account and an administrative account – two enabled user accounts.

Customers of NetPro current on maintenance will be given, for no additional license fee, a sufficient number of "per enabled user" licenses to meet their current product deployments.

Is Quest planning to discontinue The Directory Experts Conference/The Experts Conference that was sponsored by NetPro?

NetPro founded the Directory Experts Conference, which was recently re-launched as The Experts Conference with added coverage for Exchange Server. Quest plans to continue and expand The Experts Conference (TEC); more details are available at

Where do I go for more information?

For more details, please check out the Quest Software and NetPro Product Rationalization Roadmap white paper. Alternatively, you can contact your account executive or send an email to