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What's new: NetVault Backup 10

Streamline backup and recovery, and reduce operating expenses with NetVault Backup 10, a major leap forward in usability, performance and scalability.

Improvements to usability — A new web-based user interface allows you to easily configure, manage, and monitor your NetVault Backup system. You can access the NetVault WebUI from any standard browser. You can use the NetVault WebUI to perform various tasks such as:

  • Manage clients, storage devices, and storage media
  • Perform backups and restores
  • Monitor jobs, device activities, and logs
  • Set up notifications
  • Generate and view reports

Faster performance and greater scalability — A new backend database offers three times the scalability. One NetVault Backup server can now protect 1,000 clients. What’s more, optimizations in the scheduler and media manager algorithms greatly improve its responsiveness.

You can also benefit from even greater performance and scalability when combining NetVault Backup 10 with the Dell DR6000 deduplication appliance. The Dell DR6000 provides up to 180TB of usable storage capacity — 220 percent more than the 81TB offered by the DR4100, its mid-market counterpart. And it supports 4TB drives, and up to four expansion shelves. Using the DR Operating System v3.0 with Rapid Data Access (RDA), NetVault Backup can achieve backup speeds up to 22TB/hr. RDA allows NetVault Backup to provide organizations with client-side deduplication and optimized replication.

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