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NetVault SmartDisk 1.5

Disk-Based Backup & Deduplication Unleashed

Enterprise-wide deduplication just got even easier with the new capabilities found in NetVault SmartDisk 1.5 — with added support for vRanger and NDMP-based NAS appliances.

Integration with vRanger

NetVault SmartDisk 1.5 accepts backup data from vRanger 5.3. This enables Quest customers to combine best-in-class VMware backup, replication and recovery with true enterprise-grade, software-based deduplication.

Added NAS Support

NetVault SmartDisk adds support for backup data from NAS appliances using basic NDMP or NetApp’s SnapMirror-to-Tape function. When used with NetVault Backup, the solution can send backup data from a NAS source to a SmartDisk storage repository. You can reap the benefits of SmartDisk’s data deduplication technology. NetVault SmartDisk 1.5 can also receive NetVault Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) backups.

With these enhancements, NetVault Backup customers can now get enterprise-wide deduplication for all of their protected systems — including NDMP-based NAS appliances. SmartDisk deduplicates data across backup jobs and backup servers. It can reduce data storage footprints by up to 90%.

Enterprise-Class Backup & Recovery

Experience enterprise-class backup & recovery with NetVault Backup 8.6.