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Florida Keys Community College Gains Full ROI with Toad for Oracle Within One Week of Deployment

Educational Institution has Counted on Toad for a Decade to Simplify Oracle Database Management and Improve IT Productivity

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Nov. 10, 2011 Quest Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: QSFT)

Florida Keys Community College (FKCC) is an open-access, educational institution of 2,000 students and more than 200 full- and part-time faculty and staff, committed to academic programs and services, workforce development, continuing education, electronically delivered instruction, and preparing students for personal success and responsible citizenship.  When FKCC adopted the SunGard Banner ERP system to deliver a variety of services from student registration and scheduling to financial aid, the college quickly turned to Quest Software and Toad® for Oracle to help manage and maintain the critical system, which runs on Oracle.

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News Facts:

  • Florida Keys Community College has used Toad to dramatically improve the productivity of its small IT staff, which wears many hats and must juggle management and maintenance of the Banner system along with all other IT-related tasks. With its deep functionality, extensive automation and intuitive workflows, Toad not only helps them increase their productivity and keep up with their SLAs, but also provided full ROI to the college within one week of its initial deployment.
  • Toad also enables FKCC to comply with audit requests much faster, so the college can avoid potential fines. With Toad, the IT staff can respond to audit requests in minutes rather than hours, and the Quest solution allows the college to provide exactly the kinds of transparent data auditors want to see – information that would be difficult or impossible to deliver with native tools.
  • Toad also helps the IT staff deliver meaningful reports to internal management quickly and easily, with less chance of error. Instead of having to wade through numerous forms to extract data, tie it together, and finally deliver the report, Toad enables IT to automatically join tables and extract data in one step instead of many, saving time and reducing the risk of human error.
  • Toad has also made troubleshooting more effective for the limited IT staff. When problems arise, it helps them see exactly what went wrong without having to write a lot of code, saving time and heartburn on a regular basis.
  • Although FKCC may have limited resources, it credits Toad as an indispensible tool that enables them to deliver the services and performance of a much larger school. With Toad, the small IT staff can deploy and manage an enterprise-class ERP system.


 Supporting Quotes:

From Bryan Gilchrist, director of IT, Florida Keys Community College

  • “With Toad, our productivity has increased dramatically. Without Toad, I would have to be dedicated to just managing the database, so I’d need a dedicated programmer and a dedicated report writer. Toad saves us $120,000 in just those two positions. There is no other product I have that delivers that kind of ROI.”
  • “I vividly remember the first time I saw Toad. It had been cumbersome and difficult to figure out the new ERP system and do things in the background, and we put in some really long days, lots of hours. Then we saw what we could do with Toad, and it was a relief knowing that Toad would be able to make things so much easier.”
  • “Running scripts that send data to different groups of people each day takes less than 30 seconds. If I didn’t use Toad, it would take two or three hours. The time I save each day more than covers what it costs to license Toad for a year!”
  • “With Toad, I write a script one time. It may take 30 minutes to write it, but it takes only seconds to run it, and I can use the same script over and over, which means hours of savings.”


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