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Quest Software Addresses Big Data Skills Shortage with Release of Toad for Cloud Databases

New Free Download has Even Broader NoSQL Support and Data Transfer Capabilities for Oracle and Hadoop

New York – Hadoop World Conference– Nov. 8, 2011 Quest Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: QSFT)

The data management industry is experiencing more disruption than at any other time in more than 20 years. Technologies around cloud, Hadoop and NoSQL are changing the way people manage and analyze data, but the general lack of skill sets required to manage these new technologies continues to be a significant barrier to mainstream adoption. IT departments are left without a clear understanding of whether development and DBA teams, whose expertise lies with traditional technology platforms, can effectively support these new systems. Toad® for Cloud Databases addresses the skill-set shortage head-on, empowering database professionals to directly apply their existing skills to emerging Big Data systems through an easy-to-use and familiar SQL-based interface for managing non-relational data. 

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News Facts:

  • Toad for Cloud Databases is now available as a fully functional, commercial-grade product, for free, at  Toad for Cloud Databases enables users to generate queries, migrate, browse, and edit data, as well as create reports and tables in a familiar SQL view. By simplifying these tasks, Toad for Cloud Databases opens the door to a wider audience of developers, allowing more IT teams to experience the productivity gains and cost benefits of NoSQL and Big Data.
  • Quest first released Toad for Cloud Databases into beta in June 2010, making the company one of the first to provide a SQL-based database management tool to support emerging, non-relational platforms. Over the past 18 months, Quest has continued to drive innovation for the product, growing its list of supported platforms and integrating a UI for its bi-directional data connector between Oracle and Hadoop.
  • Quest’s connector between Oracle and Hadoop, available within Toad for Cloud Databases, delivers a fast and scalable method for data transfer between Oracle and Hadoop in both directions. The bidirectional characteristic of the utility enables organizations to take advantage of Hadoop’s lower cost of storage and analytical capabilities. Quest also contributed the connector to the Apache Hadoop project as an extension to the existing SQOOP framework, and is also available as part of Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop. 
  • Toad for Cloud Databases today supports:
    • Apache Hive
    • Apache HBase
    • Apache Cassandra
    • MongoDB
    • Amazon SimpleDB
    • Microsoft Azure Table Services
    • Microsoft SQL Azure, and
    • All Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)-enabled relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, etc)


Supporting Quotes:

Christian Hasker, director of product management, Quest Software

  • “For the past decade, Toad has led the way in providing independent and broad platform support for data management. The NoSQL movement presents the greatest change to databases since the advent of the relational database, and we want to provide a familiar tool to our millions of users to help them adopt these new systems. We want to enable our user base to pick up cutting edge technologies, evaluate them, and seek competitive advantages for their organizations without having to wait for traditional database vendors, who have been slow to adopt NoSQL as a valid database option.”

Guy Harrison, senior director of research and development, Quest Software

  • “We began development for Toad for Cloud Databases more than three years ago, knowing that the way organizations manage data, and the database management industry itself, was about to change dramatically. We continue to develop our technologies to address both today’s market needs and what we anticipate is on the horizon, a dual focus that allows us to improve the performance, productivity, and, ultimately, operational value of our users. With support for accessing seven emerging Big Data technologies, and the familiar interface that has won Toad millions of loyal users, the community edition of Toad for Cloud Databases will allow us to keep running fast at adding new features and bringing more value to the developer community. ”

Ken Kruger, president, Scale Unlimited

  • “As president of a Hadoop training and consulting firm, I was recently challenged with helping a large consumer electronics and computer software client regularly move billions of rows of data from multiple Oracle databases into Hadoop. Due to the specific data processing requirements, which including merging and manipulating data from more than 10 different databases, there was no possibility of solving the problem inside of Oracle. Toad for Cloud Databases, with its integrated data connector, made the task easier and faster than it would have been using any other method. We're able to repeatedly move more data into Hadoop in less than 2 hours, at rates of up to 55 million records a minute per table, and with very reasonable load on the databases. Without Toad for Cloud Databases, we would not have been able to achieve our performance/load requirements. I predict more clients will start looking to do similar projects as the cost and scale benefits of Hadoop become more widely accepted, making a free tool like Toad for Cloud Databases that much more valuable.”

Charles Zedlewski, vice president of products, Cloudera

  • "It’s a top priority for Cloudera to bring more users to the Hadoop platform by partnering with software companies like Quest to provide tools and applications that are both functional and familiar. We've enjoyed a very strong technical collaboration with the Quest team. Quest’s Toad for Cloud Databases product delivers a robust and mature tool into the hands of developers who want to gain access to Big Data capabilities.”


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