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Transparent Network File System Access

NFS/iX is the most reliable file-system solution on the market, providing flexible file-sharing capabilities on virtually every platform, including MPE. It allows HP 3000 systems to coexist with open systems in the same network by allowing transparent access to and from its file system. NFS's client/server design opens files for distributed access between different systems – without demanding network transfers. This simple file mount ensures data availability across diverse platforms. It also allows MPE file access from Unix operating systems with full POSIX shell user commands.


  • Transforms an HP 3000 into a file server for other NFS clients
  • Provides remote access to files residing on MPE systems supporting NFS
  • Supports shared printer access

Sys Reqs

  • Any HP 3000 computer with any HP-supported network
  • Additional HP-provided software required for some modules