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Accelerating Desktop Provisioning While Reducing Storage Requirements

In addition to dramatic reductions in storage requirements, the tight integration between vWorkspace and NetApp FlexClone® technology enables organizations to quickly provision hundreds or thousands of virtual desktops in minutes instead of hours. This further reduces the cost and resources required to implement a VDI environment while simplifying deployment and management, making VDI an increasingly attractive desktop alternative.

NetApp FlexClone technology instantly replicates data volumes and data sets as transparent, virtual copies to increase productivity and save storage space without compromising performance. By saving space with minimal overhead, FlexClone enables companies to cost effectively create all the clones they need to optimize the productivity of their VDI environment.

“NetApp is actively delivering the technology that reduces VDI storage costs and increases performance while making sure of the protection and availability of desktop data.” said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Solutions Marketing at NetApp. “The integration of Quest vWorkspace with the NetApp FlexClone technology delivers significant value to organizations implementing VDI by reducing cost and resource requirements and speeding time to value.”


Joint Datasheet : Quest vWorkspace and NetApp

Use a winning team to reap the benefits of virtual desktops: Quest desktop management software and cost-effective, agile storage from NetApp

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Tech Brief

Technical Brief: Quest and NetApp Integration

Get the technical details on how you can experience rapid provisioning and reduced storage requirements with NetApp FlexClone and vWorkspace

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Video : Quest vWorkspace Integration with NetApp FlexClone - NetApp - Virtualization

See a demo of NetApp FlexClone technology with vWorkspace.

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