OEM Program

Note: Partners in North America, Europe/Middle East and Asia-Pacific/Japan are now eligible to join Dell PartnerDirect OEM program.

We invite partners in Latin America and Emerging Markets to seize opportunities through the Quest Partner Circle (QPC).

Market-Leading Software to Deliver Winning End-to-End Solutions
As a software developer, you must decide to build, buy or partner to add innovative capabilities to your solutions.

Our OEM Program makes partnering with the Quest organization at Dell Software an attractive way to do this -- without diverting critical resources. It provides leading products, expert support and professional services that allow you to satisfy customer needs while expanding your revenue.

As an OEM partner, you'll leverage our proven products to add value to your offerings, enhancing performance, increasing reliability and improving ease of use. You’ll also be able to accelerate your time to market and free up valuable resources to focus on your own software development. Help your customers solve their toughest IT challenges with management solutions for Windows infrastructure, databases, applications, compliance, identity and access and optimization.

Program Details

Standard Products

Our products are recognized for reliability and robust performance with unrivaled support worldwide.

Private Label (Embedded), Co-Labeled or Branded Solutions

Working with our account team, you may choose to incorporate an “off-the-shelf solution” with all of the functionality of a Dell Software-branded product or selected functionality to bridge a particular gap. We will work with you to choose the perfect framework for a successful relationship with us; your brand, a joint go-to-market program or a more traditional reseller relationship.

Professional Services

Qualified technicians from the Quest organization at Dell Software are available to support the implementation of our products as needed.

Account Management

We will assign a project manager to serve as your champion and coordinate all project information, communication and activities. Our goal is to create a winning, marketable solution that contributes to your bottom line.


We offer a variety of resources that may include training, sales guides, product literature, marketing support, technical support and joint sales calls.


Product Family



Authentication Services

Integrates native Unix and Linux authentication and identity subsystems with Active Directory.

  • Leverage existing infrastructure for enterprise-wide identity management
  • Provide a framework for policy-based management of Unix and Linux systems
  • Eliminate identity management complexity
  • Enhance cross-platform security and regulatory compliance

Single Sign-on  for Java

Extends Windows Integrated Authentication to Java SE and Java EE on any operating system;
supports Kerberos/SPNEGO, NTLM and ADFS.

  • Use Kerberos single sign-on for Java with Active Directory identity and credentials
  • Leverage Active Directory group memberships for Java EE role-based access control
  • Take advantage of delegation, network discovery, multifactor authentication, Microsoft PAC Aware, SPNEGO client and server extensions
  • Improve security and the end-user experience while eliminating multiple log-ins to increase productivity
  • Get Java EE support for Microsoft ADFS (WS-Federation)
  • Delegate authentication and authorization in heterogeneous (Java/.NET) multi-tier environments
  • Improve security based on existing infrastructure by leveraging Windows credentials and native infrastructure
  • Use auto-discovery to support enterprise-scale Active Directory environments – multiple domains/forests, sites, load-balancing/failover – with no additional configuration or maintenance (no krb5.conf files)