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Foglight for Virtualization Product Family

Find the optimal solution for your virtual environment performance monitoring and management needs.

CapabilityStandard EditionEnterprise EditionBenefit
Maximum number of virtual machines supported1000100,000+Support your virtualization initiatives cost-effectively, regardless of number of virtual machines you deploy.
VMware platform support   Experience unmatched visibility into your VMware vSphere environment, while supporting heterogeneous hypervisor environments.
Hyper-V platform support  Enhance visibility and analytics to get the actionable information you need to accelerate time-to-value of your Microsoft Hyper-V investment, while supporting heterogeneous hypervisor environments.
Red Hat platform support  Achieve cost efficiency and deliver high quality, timely services to meet stringent infrastructure performance and availability SLAs within Red Hat Virtualization (RHEV), while supporting heterogeneous hypervisor environments.
Performance monitoring  Visualize your virtual environment with advanced monitoring capabilities that provide clear visibility into VM health to improve availability and performance.
Granular performance monitoring  Experience in-depth visibility across the virtual environment and ensure you are getting the most out of your virtualized data center resources.
Adaptive Analytics  Self-learning IntelliProfileTM analytics engine creates baseline and dynamic thresholds from normal operations data and alerts you to exception conditions.
Optimization  Reduce operations costs, speed deployments and simplify complexity of data center infrastructure with optimization insight.
Automation  Auto-remediate performance issues with a single-click and easily automate common administration tasks.
Advanced automation with workflow  Reduce the time spent on routine IT administrative tasks, so you can save time and focus on more strategic business projects.
Chargeback/showback  Simplify chargebacks to get insight into the true costs of virtualized workloads and improve utilization of virtual infrastructure. Enable full cost transparency and accountability for virtualization resource requests.
Capacity management  Plan for long-term datacenter growth with accurate capacity planning and optimization capabilities that reduce complexity and improve predictability through utilization trends and virtualization benchmarks.
Advanced reporting and customizable dashboards  Visualize environment health with real-time, customizable dashboards and ad-hoc reporting.
Change analysis  Minimize downtime with the ability to track changes in your virtual environment and understand their potential impact on performance and capacity.
VDI support  Ensure end-user satisfaction with the ability to effectively manage and troubleshoot the performance of your VDI environment.
Cloud support  Deliver a vCloud centric view into your cloud hierarchy and tracking problems from the virtual data center perspective down to the VM.
Physical infrastructure support  Accelerate IT service delivery, improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance and reduce risk with visibility across both physical and virtual infrastructure components.
Foglight for Storage Management integration  Ensure optimal storage performance and availability with actionable insights that help detect, diagnose and resolve potential issues from the application through the virtualization layer to the physical disk spindle.
Foglight for Microsoft Active Directory integration  Ensure optimal performance and availability with actionable insights that help detect, diagnose and resolve potential issues in Microsoft Active Directory (AD).
Foglight for Microsoft Exchange integration  Ensure optimal performance and availability with actionable insights that help detect, diagnose and resolve potential issues in Microsoft Exchange.
Foglight platform integration  Expand your performance monitoring capabilities as the business grows with Foglight®, a modular portfolio of performance monitoring solutions that elevate IT effectiveness to improve service delivery, resolve problems faster and proactively meet business needs.