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Virtual and Physical Infrastructure Management

Business-Savvy IT Performance and Operations Management

When your IT Infrastructure runs like clockwork, your organization has the potential to reduce operations costs, speed deployments and simplify the complexity of the data center infrastructure. The more complex and dynamic IT Infrastructure becomes, the more sophisticated monitoring, control, capacity planning and automation software is required for IT Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) professionals, like you, to optimize virtual data center resources and deliver on the service level agreements (SLAs) required by the business. 

Whether you are faced with traditional infrastructure consolidation challenges, or tackling business initiatives to build public or private clouds from your current virtualized infrastructure or on new converged active infrastructure technologies, Foglight has a solution for you.


Exceed the demands for performance assurance by demonstrating how the performance of virtual infrastructure impacts business-critical applications. With Foglight solutions for virtualization, you can ensure virtual environment performance and availability with actionable insights into storage management, capacity planning, resource optimization, chargeback/showback, and change analysis and compliance.

Free Edition

Get deep insights into virtual machine performance and health – for free. Foglight for Virtualization, Free Edition, a bundle of several free performance reporting tools, installs as a single application, packaged as an agentless virtual appliance.

Standard Edition

Discover virtualization operations management that’s easy to use, download, and deploy. Foglight for Virtualization, Standard Edition delivers concrete, actionable and easily implemented answers to virtualization administrator management challenges.

Enterprise Edition

Go beyond one-dimensional virtual machine performance monitoring and get the power to visualize, analyze and optimize across the IT stack. Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition is an enterprise-class solution that scales to provide efficient operations management for over 100,000 VMs. It delivers a single-pane-of-glass view of performance metrics from across the IT stack, including virtual, physical, storage, OS and application layers.


Connect the virtual layer to the underlying physical storage infrastructure to quickly and easily pinpoint storage-related issues in seconds with Foglight for Storage Management. Ensure your storage infrastructure performance and availability with actionable insights that help you detect, diagnose and resolve potential issues from the application through the virtualization layer to the physical disk spindle.

Physical and OS

Foglight for Operating Systems monitors and manages the operating system that underlies every application, database, network device and server running in your environment. It monitors memory, CPU and I/O processes and aggregates event data so you can visualize core physical and virtual metrics and act upon them. With real-time graphics and detailed metrics, Foglight helps you identify when a problem started and helps isolate its root cause.

Microsoft Exchange

Quickly understand the Exchange infrastructure, including the relationships between the exchange components, roles, servers, sites, and clusters. Foglight delivers real-time key performance indicators help you detect, diagnose and resolve performance and availability problems that affect Exchange. Customizable analysis and reporting help you collaborate the health of your Exchange Infrastructure with key stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner.

Microsoft AD

Monitoring Active Directory performance is vital to making sure that this business-critical application meets your business and networking goals. Foglight helps detect, diagnose and resolve performance and availability issues that could affect the active directory. You’ll get clear insights into the relationship between forests, domains, sites, and domain controllers, as well as real-time health key performance indicators. Color-coded alerts and detailed metrics help you quickly diagnose trouble areas. Get the collaboration tools you need to effectively communicate AD Infrastructure status to key stakeholders.