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White Paper
Read "PowerShell in the Enterprise: Best Practices and Recommendations" and learn about the role of PowerShell in IT environments, how to benefit from PowerShell and best practices for PowerShell scripting.
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AD-PKI Cmdlets
This guide reviews the security concepts surrounding digital certificate management and details how the AD-PKI cmdlets can be used with Active Directory to simplify PKI management.
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Graphical User Interface & Script Editor for Microsoft Windows PowerShell

PowerGUI is the freeware tool administrators need to speed PowerShell adoption, and harness the power of PowerShell to efficiently manage their entire Windows environment. PowerGUI simplifies management with an intuitive user console that includes Point, Click, Script™ for quickly building scripts using only a mouse. 

Develop knowledge and proficiency with PowerShell by building scripts from scratch using the Integrated Development Environment. Streamline daily tasks with the customizable interface and pre-built script PowerPacks from our community site to help you get the job done faster.


  • Point, Click, ScriptThe Graphical User Interface provides building blocks for common PowerShell commands, accessible with the click of a mouse.
  • ShowScriptAdvance your knowledge and understanding of the syntax behind PowerShell by viewing your scripts as they are being built.
  • PerfectScriptBuild scripts faster with the Integrated Development Environment to analyze and troubleshoot your scripts using intellisense, debug mode and other tools.
  • PowerPacks Eliminate the need to build scripts from scratch with pre-packaged groups of PowerShell scripts that plug into PowerGUI. Use PowerPacks to perform specific tasks and manage many platforms or technologies.
  • CustomAdmin – Streamline your daily tasks by customizing your user interface with frequently used script nodes, useful URLs and important contact information.