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Privileged Access Suite for Unix

Unix security simplified

Privileged Access Suite for Unix solves the inherent security and administration issues of Unix-based systems while simplifying compliance. The suite unifies and consolidates Unix, Linux and Mac OS X identities, assigns individual accountability and enables centralized reporting for user and administrator access to these systems.

The suite is a one-stop shop for Unix security that combines Active Directory-bridge and root-delegation solutions under a unified console that grants organizations centralized visibility and streamlined administration of identities and access rights across their entire Unix environment.


  • Consolidated Identities – Simplify identity management by consolidating Unix accounts with role-based access managed centrally through Active Directory and a single AD identity.
  • Least-privilege access – Grant administrators only sufficient rights to perform their duties while protecting you from the dangers of too much access. Individual administrators are granted only the rights necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Centralized management and administration – Centrally configure and enforce unified access policies across your entire Unix environment.
  • Sudo reporting – Easily report on sudo access rights solving one of the hardest aspects of supporting sudo in an enterprise. There is no change to how end users operate, which means no new training required, just simplified access reporting for auditing and compliance.
  • 360-degree visibility – Deliver integrated, comprehensive control and visibility into Unix/Linux activities with a single console. Easily gain insight into who created an access policy, what it contains and when it was applied. In addition the Privileged Access Suite for Unix is the only solution to provide centralized reporting on individual access rights across sudo and an enterprise delegation solution tied to user account data in AD.
  • Trust but verify – Provides the individual accountability and visibility into activities and rights necessary to satisfy compliance and security demands. Audit capabilities include policy reporting, rights reporting and history, change tracking and rollback and keystroke logging.
  • Single sign-on – Empowers you to achieve “true” single sign-on for the entire Unix, Linux and Mac OS X environment as well as key standards-based applications such as SAP, Siebel and others.