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IT/data center consolidation & migration

Whether you’re complying with a mandate or streamlining out of fiscal necessity, consolidating your systems and reducing your data center count is only worth doing if you can reduce complexity, increase agility and improve – or at the very least, not degrade – the end-user experience. We provide a powerful solution for federal, state and local governments and higher education, to efficiently move and restructure user accounts, data and systems without impacting users or productivity.

Our solutions simplify your IT and data center consolidation efforts with capabilities for:

  • Baselining performance and performing pre-migration assessments
  • Virtualizing your infrastructure
  • Ensuring coexistence between platforms
  • Migrating, consolidating and restructuring storage, directory services, email and collaboration services, whether cloud-based or on premises
  • Maintaining, monitoring and reporting on your consolidated environment

GOVERNING Magazine hosted a series of four forums exploring the challenges of IT consolidation for government. The speakers agreed that consolidation is not easy, but once underway, it does make possible a higher level of service to agencies, elected officials, and citizens. The information gathered from the forums has been summarized in this white paper written by GOVERNING.

Assess & Prepare

Consolidation should begin with a thorough impact assessment and inventory of your current environment. Foglight is the premier solution for application, database and network performance monitoring, including the experience of users interacting with those resources. Foglight helps you improve end-user experience and operational efficiency across physical and virtual servers, enabling you to reduce the number of monitoring tools as you consolidate your infrastructure. Leadership will appreciate the solution’s real-time dashboards to measure performance against SLAs, while you keep an eye on performance and application design issues.

Reporter collects, stores and reports on data from workstations, Windows servers and Active Directory, providing you with information essential for pre-migration analysis. And for email migrations, we offer MessageStats, our award-winning solution that provides detailed pre-migration assessments to thoroughly plan your move. By taking inventory of your current messaging environment, analyzing account usage and identifying unused assets, you can speed your migration, reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and ensure that no data is lost during your move.

Simplify Migration

After crafting your plan, the big day has finally arrived: moving day. Let our solutions do your heavy lifting with tools to manage, monitor and expedite your migration, while ensuring coexistence between old and new platforms.

Questions solutions help you:

  • Simplify the consolidation of your Microsoft infrastructure, from Active Directory to Exchange and SharePoint; robust reporting and monitoring tools allow you to monitor the progress of your migration in real time.
  • Migrate from NDS to Active Directory and Notes or GroupWise to online or on-premises versions of Exchange.
  • Ensure coexistence between Lotus Notes or GroupWise and Exchange; we also provide real-time synchronization between Exchange organizations.
  • Quickly rebuild complex Notes applications in SharePoint.
  • Enable efficient physical-to-virtual (P2V) conversions to and from VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines, and give your end users virtual desktops that they can use even offline.
  • Streamline the manual, time-intensive tasks associated with migrating or consolidating your Oracle database environment.

Migrating to the cloud? We can get you there with ease, with solutions for both private and hybrid clouds. Our OnDemand Migration for Email securely migrates user accounts and data from Microsoft Exchange and Google Gmail/Apps to Microsoft BPOS/Office 365 and Live@edu.

As stewards of public funds, you require solutions that deliver efficiency, flexibility and fast ROI, while mitigating project risks. You can trust the experts at to provide you with the industry-leading solutions you need for your next migration or consolidation project.

Simplify Management

After the move, we can help you simplify identity and access management to increase efficiency in your new environment.

Dell helps you more effectively manage your consolidated Active Directory environment; the Quest One Identity Solutions, ActiveRoles Server and Active Administrator provide GUI-based provisioning, role-based access control (RBAC) and centralized authentication and authorization.

We also help to extend the power of Microsoft System Center to your heterogeneous environment, with Management extensions for Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Cisco and other network devices, plus storage devices and more. You get the full spectrum of single sign-on (SSO) — from “true” SSO to enterprise SSO — for all systems, applications and databases in your mixed-platform environment.

No one else gives you the quality, start-to-finish support of your consolidation efforts — including the tools to effectively manage your new infrastructure — that we can provide.