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Simplifying Education IT

Solutions for K-12 and Higher Education

Quest solutions for education enable school administrations to more effectively manage their IT, maximizing infrastructure availability and controlling costs. Our solutions allow students and faculty to safely access information at their schools, associated institutions of learning -- and anywhere in the world.
We help you meet your key goals in education IT:

  • Provide web-based communication services that integrate academic, administrative, and community-related functionality with all  business applications
  • Ensure application availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Deliver service with rapid response times
  • Secure critical information to comply with industry and government  standards
  • Support authentication and authorization of users through a single log-on so they can access all information  and applications they need

Unifying IT for K-12 and higher education requires the merging of the institution’s intellectual identity, constituents, and business systems and services. The ability to leverage these assets is directly related to the success of the institution. Quest Software helps education institutions like yours get more performance from IT systems, more effectively harness the talents of the people who manage them, and embrace new technologies with ease. How? By simplifying IT management and mitigating the risks involved with complex IT projects.

Quest offers some special licensing programs for institutions of higher education to help them more efficiently take advantage of Quest Software solutions. You can find out more about Toad Plus for Higher Education below. And we now have a limited-time offer for special higher education pricing on our Stat application change management solution. Check it out.

Application Mgmt

As an IT leader for your educational institution, you need to keep applications up to date and running smoothly. Electronic learning, online access to libraries, research, and portals for students, faculty, and administration are increasingly becoming part of the educational experience. Managing your technology efficiently helps you control costs and get better value from your resources.
Our application management solution, Foglight, allows you to easily monitor and manage databases and underlying infrastructure to support the application service. With Foglight, you can correlate the events occurring in the virtual infrastructure with the entire application environment, helping you determine the root-cause of incidents in the virtual environment and reduce mean-time-to-resolution for incidents and problems.

From the industry-leading application  performance monitoring and management functionality of Foglight, to improved application code review capabilities with Toad development solutions, Quest Software helps you control, simplify, and reduce the costs of education IT.

User Experience

Applications that fail to deliver a positive experience either don’t get used or burden your help desk with frustrated callers.  That means your investments are wasted and support costs go up. And if your IT funding is based on a chargeback model, a poor user experience makes it harder to meet your service level agreements, reducing revenues either through financial penalties or lower demand for your services.

The Foglight User Experience Management (UEM) solution monitors application user experience quality and delivers the visibility key stakeholders need to achieve business goals. Proactively managing the user experience will help you identify performance issues, understand end user behavior, and improve web application performance.

Identity & Security

As educational institutions like yours continue to share resources to expand learning options and collaborate on research activities, managing identities as well as access to applications and data is increasingly important. And you must ensure that everyone has the access to which they’re entitled based on their roles and attributes of their identities, even when their identities reside in another organization. The Quest One Identity Solutions enable your organization to maintain and grow identity infrastructures. They enhance security, compliance and efficiency through improved:

Educational institutions like yours also face a constantly changing user base, which makes identity administration particularly cumbersome. With Quest One, administrative costs and IT burden are significantly reduced through automation, identity consolidation and by providing self-service to end users – with faculty or department manager oversight – for common provisioning and access control requests. End users can also reset their own passwords.

Quest InTrust® securely collects, stores, reports and alerts on event log data from Windows, Unix and Linux systems,.


Educational institutions like yours grow more wired by the day and have dramatically increased their reliance on electronic creation, retrieval, transmission and storage of data. And chances are, your institution conducts electronic operations with out-of-state residents through distance learning programs as well as web-based recruiting, admissions, financial aid, housing and other transactions. In addition, it’s common to store personal data on alumni even if it’s unclear what your obligations are in protecting that data. All of these activities create huge IT management burdens. That’s because you’ve got to comply with myriad mandates as you make application changes and deliver secure access to data and systems – without adversely affecting availability, quality and performance for users.

Quest compliance solutions help you monitor unauthorized changes and activities to secure your most critical systems and data. Our solutions also simplify the auditing of platforms, including Active Directory, Exchange, Unified Communications, SharePoint, SQL Server, file servers, and more, to help you achieve compliance with external regulations and internal policies. With Quest, your higher educational organization can achieve the institutional compliance required by, but not limited to, the following legislative acts and industry regulations:

Toad Plus

Toad® Plus for Higher Education
This program empowers colleges and universities to extend the industry-leading Toad family of products to faculty, students, and staff through higher-education-only rates and terms.* Toad Plus simplifies operations and maximizes limited resources, whether data is on-premise or in the cloud.

Toad Plus provides:

  • Special pricing and cost savings
  • Simplified contract, license, and key administration
  • Easy budgeting/planning
  • No-cost Toad licenses for all students and faculty
  • A single support contract date
  • Unlimited deployment*
  • Free web-based tips and tricks training classes*

Toad Plus for Higher Education is all about helping your institution take advantage of Toad’s broad and deep support for traditional and emerging data platforms. That’s why we offer rates that ensure fiscal responsibility and features that maximize every dollar spent.

Toad Plus for Higher Education puts an end to:

  • Spending money on costly, piecemeal purchasing patterns
  • Hunting for individual license keys
  • Managing multiple configurations, invoices, and renewal dates
  • Recycling licenses
  • Wasting time sorting through inventory records

Toad Plus solutions:

Toad leads the market as the #1 productivity tool for database development and administration. It helps guarantee application success by implementing database development best practices and empowering database administrators to work proactively.

Toad for Data Analysts provides powerful multi-platform querying and reporting capabilities from a single interface that automates and streamlines time-consuming tasks. Toad for Data Analysts Professional Edition provides a cost effective desktop solution to connect to all your data different sources, join, cleanse and integrate all your data together, and then perform data visualizations or data analytics for in-depth analysis and reports. Toad for Data Analysts Professional Edition with Analytics provides all the functionality of the Professional Edition and includes a analytics solution with a repository of sophisticated functions to perform predictive modeling and data mining right from your desktop. Find out which version of Toad for Data Analysts is best for you!

Toad Data Modeler helps you build high-quality logical and physical data models and deploy changes to data structures at a fraction of the cost of many other solutions.

Spotlight® on Oracle  enables you to predict and pinpoint Oracle database bottlenecks through a real-time diagnostics dashboard that displays actual process flows and alerts you to potential issues.

Benchmark Factory® for Databases is a more flexible, simpler, and less expensive alternative to Oracle Real Application Testing, enabling you to replay workloads, perform industry-standard benchmark testing and deploy changes to your environment with confidence.

Backup Reporter for Oracle is a reporting and analysis dashboard for Oracle, making it easy to ensure the most efficient use of Oracle RMAN by diagnosing and resolving backup problems and preventing costly mistakes in your backup strategy and system configuration.

SQL Optimizer for Oracle explores every possible way of improving SQL performance tuning, proactively identifying potential performance issues and automating SQL optimization by scanning and analyzing running SQL statements, PL/SQL, or other source code.

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Phone: 800-306-9329 x8432
* Please contact us for more details. This program is limited to higher education institutions only and client may opt out of certain technology areas listed above.