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Public Sector - United Kingdom (UK)

Public Sector Overview


Simplifying and Improving Public Sector and Education IT

With a thorough understanding of the unique requirements of the public sector marketplace and a deep expertise in public sector IT operations, Quest helps you resolve your everyday IT challenges faster and easier.

Our innovative solutions:

  • Protect existing technology infrastructures
  • Dramatically increase productivity and performance
  • Simplify and automate processes
  • Help you meet Cabinet Office ICT strategic goals

Local Government

Provisioning for Active Directory and Beyond

Quest One Identity Solutions help you manage, automatically provision, re-provision and – more importantly – de-provision users quickly, efficiently and securely in Active Directory and beyond. It provides strictly enforced role-based security, automated group management, change approval and easy-to-use web interfaces for self-service. Quest One Identity Solutions deliver practical user and group lifecycle management for the Windows enterprise. Learn more »

Migration Tools for Active Directory, Exchange, Lotus Notes, SharePoint, NDS and GroupWise

A migration can be overwhelming. To succeed, you need to accurately analyse your current environment, assess the impact on workloads, and manage both environments during the transition to avoid disruptions for users. Quest can provide everything you need to plan and execute a successful migration to Exchange, SharePoint or Active Directory. Our ZeroIMPACT solutions help ensure fast, cost-effective, safe and efficient migrations. Now offering support for Exchange 2010, Quest is your single source for migration management. Learn more »

Shared Service and Email Collaboration – GAL Sync and Resource Sharing

Shared services are part of the cost-cutting strategies of most individual government departments. By sharing information such as free/busy calendar data and Global Address Lists (GALs) across organisations, shared services can operate effectively and efficiently from day one. Quest can help you to quickly and appropriately deliver effective collaboration platforms while maintaining secure boundaries between organisations. Learn more »

Central Government

Continual budget reductions and increasing service levels put constant pressure on central government departments and their associated agencies. For large, disparate departments – that often have multiple service delivery partners as well as several layers of management – it’s extremely challenging to manage the infrastructure securely, control risks and adhere to relevant policies. And keeping pace with organisational and regulatory changes adds even more complexity for all levels and stakeholders in the central government organizations.

Experts and Solutions to Quickly Simplify Your Challenges

Quest has a knowledgeable and experienced team of specialists dedicated to central government clients, with a deep understanding of the sector’s needs. Our team delivers a range of products and services that strongly support the vision of the Cabinet Office’s ICT Strategy. Our simple solutions focus on specific areas and ensure a fast time to value.

Privileged Account Management

Privileged access control – which involves managing high-profile administrative accounts – is a critical area of concern in central government. Our COTS solutions can be rapidly implemented to ensure comprehensive access controls, accountability and audit of both internal staff and external service providers. These solutions also meet international security standards. Learn more »


Quest understands the challenges educational institutions face in IT these days. With shrinking budgets and staff, you are expected to do more with less. That’s why we develop innovative products that help you get more performance and productivity from your IT systems, from the data centre to the applications accessed by end users. Our solutions enhance your precious investments in solutions from other software vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and VMware.

Our education team has worked with a myriad of schools, colleges, universities and research bodies to ensure they achieve the greatest possible efficiency in IT. For example, our products can:

  • Automate migration tasks
  • Resolve application issues before users are impacted
  • Efficiently store and quickly retrieve email data
  • Fully leverage virtualisation technology
  • Enable users to change their own passwords
  • Consolidate identity and access management processes

You can count on Quest to help you to affordably manage a host of day-to-day operations with greater efficiency, control and security than you ever thought possible.

Exchange, Active Directory and SharePoint Migration and Management

Quest offers solutions that will help you to:

  • Avoid the risks associated with migrations to Microsoft platforms such as Exchange, Active Directory and SharePoint
  • Reduce the time and complexity associated with migrations through automation
  • Roll back migration changes quickly to reduce downtime
  • Simplify, automate and secure your Microsoft infrastructure
  • Integrate Unix and Linux into the managed environment

Case study: A Lesson in Rapid Data Migration at Leeds University

Application Management and Systems Monitoring

Managing large, heterogeneous environments can be a struggle, particularly when your staff and students expect a high level of service and availability all the time. Quest’s Foglight reduces or eliminates service disruption. It provides a correlated view of your applications from end user to database, enabling you to quickly find the root causes of all incidents impacting your environment and fix them – often before users are even aware of any problem. Foglight helps you to:

  • Improve service levels
  • Reduce incident counts – and resolution time for incidents that do occur
  • Mitigate risk of downtime
  • Cut the operational costs of managing applications


Environmental concerns and storage restrictions (amongst many other reasons) are driving many institutions down the virtualisation path. Quest provides heterogeneous virtualisation management solutions so you can realise the benefits of a virtual environment in the following areas:

  • Desktop: Quest’s Workspace Desktop Virtualization solution is the affordable, flexible, and easy way to manage VDI.
  • Server: Quest offers robust management solutions for VMware’s ESX, Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Citrix’s XenServer, Sun’s Zones and Containers. These solutions enable you to consolidate, optimise, monitor, back up and recover your virtual environment.
  • Storage: With Quest’s storage management solutions, you can proactively manage capacity and reclaim over-allocated virtual machine storage to increase utilisation by as much as 80%.

User Provisioning

Because your user base is always growing and changing, Active Directory management can be one of the most time-consuming responsibilities you have, particularly at the start of the new academic year. Quest ActiveRoles Server provides strictly enforced role-based security, automated group management, change approval and easy-to-use web interfaces for users to help themselves. The result is practical user and group lifecycle management for your Windows-based organisation.

Case study: Quest Educates Kingston University on Exchange and Active Directory Protection and Recovery

Identity and Access Management

We offer market-leading solutions that address your identity and access management needs, including products for two-factor authentication, security of shared accounts, extension of Active Directory to non-Windows platforms, and single sign-on, to name a few.


The Business Partnering for Police (BPP) programme is designed to enhance the way police organisations deliver service to the public. Quest’s collaboration with police forces to execute IT projects aligns consistently to BPP goals. We partner with many system integrators and value-added resellers to comply with the BPP framework and various procurement rules provide proven, innovative solutions at the best possible value.

Quest solutions are already used by a number of police forces like yours, enabling them to operate ICT systems with greater efficiency, effectiveness and resilience whilst protecting frontline services.

With our standardised approach, your ICT department can be optimised and focused on managing services, not systems.

Consolidation and Collaboration

With police forces continually looking to merge, Quest provides solutions to help you:

  • Collaborate – by providing real-time synchronization of free/busy information and Global Address Lists (GALs) between organizations. Learn more »
  • Tidy up – by identifying data owners and entitlements in a complex organisation to make sure that data is still required and that owners take responsibility. Learn more »
  • Move – by easily migrating to new file structures with stronger and more organised security permissions. Learn more »
  • Merge – by rapidly consolidating directories and email systems with little or no impact on the organisation using our market-leading solutions. Learn more »
  • Manage – by using identity intelligence to clearly view and control all connected systems and applications as well as understand security and processes. Learn more »

Auditing and Compliance

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Community Security Policy (CSP) includes a best practice requirement to make all user activity auditable. Quest's ChangeAuditor and Quest One Privileged Session Manager are industry-leading solutions that securely audit employee and privileged user activity.

Provisioning for Active Directory and Beyond

Managing several thousand users within a police organisation can be a daunting task, especially now that police forces are combining, resulting in a larger and more complex user base. Quest One Identity Solutions help you manage, automatically provision, re-provision and – more importantly – de-provision users quickly, efficiently and securely in Active Directory and beyond. The solutions provide strictly enforced role-based security, automated group management, change approval and easy-to-use web interfaces for self-service, delivering practical user and group lifecycle management for the enterprise. Learn more »


Quest understands that the priority for all NHS organisations like yours is to improve patient care. That’s why our solutions help your organisation get more functionality from your existing IT investments – so you can deliver services faster and more efficiently to patients. These solutions make essential contributions to the achievement of your goals, such as:

Meeting Guidelines for the NHS Infrastructure Maturity Model (NIMM)

Quest has a broad array of tools across a wide range of systems and platforms that enable trusts to easily advance through levels of the NIMM and from Windows to Unix. Quest has unmatched depth in both the technology and the experience to guide you. Learn more in a white paper.

IT professionals in NHS trusts are most familiar with Quest’s tools for Exchange migration or Active Directory management, but Quest also provides solutions for database, application and virtualisation monitoring, management and performance.

Migrations to the Latest Microsoft Platforms

Healthcare professionals increasingly rely on email and directory services to perform their daily duties, making these environments essential parts of your IT infrastructure. To take advantage of current systems that are more secure, manageable, scalable and collaborative, you must migrate from legacy platforms, such as NT4, Exchange 5.5 and Novell. But the costs, risks and complexity of migrating are big obstacles.

Quest can help you eliminate or minimise these obstacles. Our solutions reduce the impact on users, cut downtime, prevent data loss and improve security. Since 2005, Quest has helped its customers in the NHS migrate more than 200,000 email accounts, mailboxes and public folders to Exchange 2Kx, Active Directory 2Kx and SharePoint.

“Quest’s tools allowed us to run each element of the migration in the background, only performing the final transfer once it was complete. This ensured that we minimised the impact of the migration, and that our ability to provide healthcare was not compromised.”
– Damon Hoggett, IT Manager, North Cumbria Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Read the full case study

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Email Lifecycle Management

To better meet e-discovery requirements, Quest offers a solution for quickly capturing, collecting and retrieving messages and files in email repositories. Quest’s Archive Manager intelligently indexes and stores data so you can handle requests for discovery quickly and easily, whilst helping you to control data volumes and improve the email experience for end users.

“We were actually amazed at what we could achieve with Archive Manager.”
–Isabel Prieto-Cordero IT and Telecommunications Manager, Royal Hospital Chelsea

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Information Security, User Access and Compliance

As an NHS organisation, you need to enforce robust information security processes to protect sensitive data whilst still providing the access practitioners need to do their jobs. Quest offers automated solutions for delivering and managing access efficiently and safely. In addition, Quest offers solutions for self-service password management, single sign-on, auditing, reporting and compliance.

In 2007, Quest delivered a solution to a number of trusts that effectively closed the login loophole and saved administrators valuable hours by linking Windows accounts to the NHS Electronic Staff Records.

“The solution from Quest has complemented our existing systems, saving us time and money and preventing a potential security breach. It has been simple to install and we are already seeing a ROI.
– Derek Stowe, Technical, Network & Security Manager, Rotherham Primary Care Trust

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