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Virtualization & cloud management

Virtualization and cloud technologies will allow the federal government to eliminate hundreds of data centers over the next few years. These technologies also help state and local governments to reduce server counts, rack space needs, and HVAC costs. And they enable governments and educational institutions to be more agile when IT demand ebbs and flows due to academic calendars, tax seasons, or budget cycles.

But virtualizing parts of your infrastructure means adding VM hosts – and a layer of complexity. And even though virtualization lets you reduce your physical data center footprint, your users may be missing some of the benefits of your virtual environment.

Our solutions ensure you and your users get the full value of virtualization on platforms such as VMware ESX and ESXi, VSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V. We deliver robust and broad-based management and monitoring, as well as backup and recovery, high availability and replication. You get capabilities that go far beyond what native tools provide. In addition to solutions for your server farm, we provides innovative products that let you virtualize desktops. We can help you leverage all the security and management benefits of virtualization, while allowing your users to work within their virtual desktops even when they don’t have network connectivity. No one else but Quest can provide that.

As for the cloud: we have the tools to migrate your applications, services, and infrastructure with ease. Our industry-leading suite of solutions empowers you to:

  • Monitor and manage cloud environments, along with on-premise environments
  • Improve agility through the flexibility cloud computing offers
  • Satisfy the requirements of the federal government’s Cloud First policy
  • Establish an exit strategy if the cloud doesn’t meet your organization’s needs

Our industry-leading solutions help you get the most out of your virtualized and cloud environments, from initial planning through ongoing operations.

Virtual servers

Once you’ve built out your virtual infrastructure, you can keep it fully backed up, highly available, and disaster-proof with vRanger and vReplicator. Plus, vFoglight provides unparalleled management, optimization, and chargeback functionality for all your virtualized environments.

Virtualization can eat up costly disk space, running up operating expenses that you can’t afford. But our vKernel vOps Server and vOps Storage products help identify and reclaim over-allocated VM storage while improving I/O and the end user experience.

Our solutions for backup and recovery and high availability work with Oracle-based VMs just as well as they do for Oracle databases on physical servers. The same goes for our server virtualization management solutions that support Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server, either individually or along with vRanger as part of our Total Virtual Data Protection packages.

Virtual desktops

Workspace Desktop Virtualization extends virtualization to the desktop and application level, enabling you to maintain close control over access and user experience while reducing vulnerability to malicious attacks. Workspace Desktop Virtualization – MokaFive Suite can even provide local (offline) VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) so that users can even use their locked-down desktops without network connectivity. And you can monitor your virtual desktops – and optimize performance – with vFoglight.

Cloud databases

Toad database development and administration tools help you transition legacy and on-premise data from all the leading databases to the cloud, including Amazon EC2 instances and Windows Azure-based databases, as well as ‘NoSQL’ databases.