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Secure Copy: Automate Migrations

Perform phased migrations

Enable phased migrations through data synchronization, keeping all of your users online and productive until you’re ready to cut over to the new server. You can perform full, incremental and differential copy jobs.

Schedule migrations

Using Windows’ native Scheduled Tasks and Secure Copy’s intuitive interface, you can easily schedule copy jobs to automatically take place during off-hours or after an import is complete, even when you’re not there to babysit. You can even run tasks via batch files automatically before or after a migration job, saving time by automating tasks – such as starting a service – you would perform manually before or after the migration.

Execute from the command line 

Execute and schedule jobs right from the command line, making Secure Copy fully accessible from batch files, runbook automation tools and other automation interfaces.

Take advantage of job import templates

Create multiple, consistent copy jobs from a single template, helping to ensure the best results every time.

Update user and file information

Point home paths, profile paths and other data paths to the new server with ease. Secure Copy’s Update Utilities enable users to access all of their data quickly after the migration. Without Secure Copy, someone would have to manually edit each user account in Active Directory. Update Utilities also migrate printers online, update hyperlinks and OLE links in Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, as well as update shortcuts to files, folders and computers.