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Security Explorer: Manage Permissions Centrally

Manage All Your Permissions from One Location
Bring all of your organization’s access management–NTFS, Registry, printers, services, task management, SharePoint, SQL Server and Exchange–into a single location with Security Explorer. You no longer need to open a dozen file explorer windows to set up permissions for new users. Security Explorer also enhances the management of Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control by allowing you to add, remove, modify, back up, restore, copy and paste permissions that include conditional expressions.

Improve Compliance
Meeting and maintaining compliance is easier when all of your organization’s access permissions live in one place. Discover, manage and restore access to resources with just a few clicks.

Track Disabled Accounts
Search for, report on and manage the permissions granted to the disabled accounts in your environment. Quickly determine if a disabled account can be deleted or if it retains necessary permissions.

Clone Permissions
“Just give him the same permissions as that other guy” is one of the most common security management tasks, and it’s no problem with Security Explorer’s clone feature. You can clone permissions and group membership settings from one account to another across Windows file servers and NTFS NAS/SAN devices, Exchange Servers, SharePoint Servers, SQL Servers and more.

Manage Service Account Passwords
Security Explorer enables you to change service logon account passwords enterprise-wide manually or automatically with scheduled tasks. Complex password creation per policy is also automated.

Manage Dynamic Access Control from a Windows 7 Client
When a workstation is part of the Windows Server 2012 domain, you can use Security Explorer to add, back up, restore, copy and paste permissions that include conditional expressions from a Windows 7 client.

Save Time Managing Conditional Expressions
Conditional Expressions in Windows Server 2012 can take a while to configure and build. Security Explorer saves you time by allowing you to copy, paste, load and save Conditional Expressions.