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Security Explorer: Recover Permissions without Affecting Data

Manage Permissions Independently from Resources
Security Explorer enables you to back up and restore permissions without affecting the data those permissions apply to. Data remains available, servers remain online and users remain productive.

Remediate Permissions Changes
If your carefully-constructed access rights are altered, restore them with a few clicks. You can even compare live and backed-up permissions and review the differences.

Restore Permissions to Alternate Locations
Easily restore permissions to the same resources on another server or location, making migrations and troubleshooting fast, effective and error-free.

Recover Permissions Applied with Conditional Expressions
Security Explorer enhances Window’s Server 2012 native recovery with the ability to back up and restore permissions applied with Dynamic Access Control. Organizations won’t have to worry about redefining claim types or resources, nor will they have to recreate conditional expressions–Security Explorer provides a safety net for recovering permissions.