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Security Explorer: Report for Compliance, Migration & Change Control

Create Security Reports On the Fly
Instantly create security reports on the fly by specifying resources, claim types, groups, locations, users or any other criteria, or export a list of permissions (including those applied with Dynamic Access Control). You can also generate reports directly from a resource, such as a file, SharePoint site and other Windows technologies, which will show all permissions on that resource or highlight permissions that differ from a parent item.

Take Advantage of Pre-Defined Reports
Security Explorer includes powerful reports that include service and scheduled task information, as well as user and group membership settings for file servers, SharePoint, SQL Server and Exchange. Save time by instantly accessing common reports.

Report the Way You Want
Export report data to spreadsheets or text files, filtering for the exact information you need. Auditing has never been easier. You can also start with pre-defined, formatted reports and export them as PDF, HTML, RTF and more. Even email reports directly to recipients, saving time and effort and keeping everyone in the loop.

Give Auditors What They Want
Enforce Separation of Duties (SoD) by giving auditors snapshot reports to review, rather than providing them with access to native permissions-management interfaces.

Give Troubleshooters What They Need
Security Explorer lets you inventory permissions as they ought to be – a valuable tool when you need to troubleshoot a permissions problem.