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Security Explorer: Solve Your Service and Task Management Challenges

Search, Discover & Manage
Security Explorer provides a single, centralized means of locating service accounts and tasks that need to be updated. For example, you can quickly change the passwords that services use to log on or that tasks use to execute, enhancing the security of your environment while minimizing administrative overhead. Security Explorer can also automate service logon account password changes using scheduled tasks. Complex password creation per policy is also automated.

Manage SID History
All user accounts can have a SID History, including service accounts. Security Explorer finds the SID and maintains the SID History appropriately for accounts that have been removed or deleted to keep your environment up-to-date and clean.

Security Explorer locates the accounts used to run services and tasks and creates reports that help you manage your environment. Now you can see all accounts being used, find disabled accounts and even find disabled tasks across your entire environment, including workstations.