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Security Explorer: Solve Your SharePoint Security Challenges

Manage SharePoint Quickly
Eliminate the need to wait for dozens of Web pages to load to manage SharePoint permissions or group memberships. Instead, Security Explorer enables you to perform security management and reporting in a single, centralized, fast management console.

Improve SharePoint Management
Security Explorer makes it easy to manage SharePoint permissions. With the SharePoint module, you can remove one or more accounts from all SharePoint groups in a single operation. Import source/destination pairs for cloning from a CSV file. The system also provides SharePoint default port numbers for SSL.

Use a Single View to Manage SharePoint 
View and browse your entire SharePoint environment from a single tree view. Manage SharePoint groups centrally across an entire farm to quickly find every place a given user has access – even indirect access granted through group membership.

Back Up & Restore Security
Back up SharePoint permissions before making changes or establish a permissions baseline. Restore permissions to recover from accidental or malicious changes.

Provision, De-provision & Re-provision Permissions
It’s easier to give someone “the same permissions as the guy he’s replacing.” Clone or replace permissions and group membership settings between user accounts to properly re-provision users as they move through the organization and de-provision users who leave.

Keep Your SharePoint Environment Clean
Don’t leave orphaned security principals left lying around. Groups are more manageable because Security Explorer cleans up SharePoint group memberships when user accounts are deleted from Active Directly.