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Security Explorer: Solve Your SQL Server Security Challenges

Control SQL Server Instances
Security Explorer automatically finds all installed SQL Server instances, including easy-to-miss Express instances, and provides a single, consolidated list showing every instance, on every computer, across your entire environment. Even on workstations.

Detect & Manage SQL Server Security
View and manage SQL Server logins and role memberships centrally, in a single console, across your entire environment. Find all locations where a user has access – either directly or indirectly through group membership. Locate SQL Server user accounts that have blank or less-than-secure passwords.

Back Up & Restore Security
Back up server permissions before making changes or establish a permissions baseline so you can easily restore permissions to recover from accidental or malicious changes.

Provision, De-provision & Re-provision Permissions
Clone or replace permissions and group membership settings between user accounts to easily give someone “the same permissions as the guy he’s replacing.” Properly re-provision users as they move through the organization and de-provision users who leave.