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Security Explorer: Solve Your User and Group Management Challenges

Improve Intelligence for Group Membership

Security Explorer helps you quickly figure out and document who belongs to which groups, and to assess and document the permissions held by each group, and thus by its members. You can display all groups to which an account belongs, or just the parent groups. You can then easily remove the selected members as well as add multiple members to specific groups to more efficiently set up new accounts.

Manage in Bulk
Managing the membership of client and server local groups can be time-consuming and error prone. Security Explorer automates group management, enabling you to make a global change to a local group on multiple machines with a single operation. You can also perform bulk actions with local user accounts, such as resetting local account passwords in a single step.

Clone Security
Quickly re-use the security permissions applied to one group or object by cloning those settings, applying them to new objects and creating the same privileges and entitlements. This makes it easy to consistently reproduce permissions whenever the need arises.

Manage Disabled Accounts
Easily search for disabled accounts and then view a list or print a report. If you find any accounts that are disabled in error, you can quickly change the account’s properties.