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Security Explorer: Solve Your Windows File Server Security Challenges

Inventory User Permissions

Quickly search, discover and document users’ permissions, including permissions applied with Dynamic Access Control, to produce a complete list of everything the user has permission to–even through group membership. Security Explorer makes it easy to document your environment, conduct security audits and much more.

Back Up & Restore Security
Back up server permissions before making changes or establish a permission baseline. Restore permissions to recover from accidental or malicious changes. You can even back up and restore permissions applied with Dynamic Access Control to enhance your recovery plan.

Provision, De-provision & Re-provision Permissions
Administrators spend considerable time giving users “the same permissions as the guy he’s replacing.” Clone or replace permissions and group membership settings between user accounts to simplify this task. Also easily re-provision users as they move through the organization or de-provision users who leave. These tasks also work with permissions applied with Dynamic Access Control.

Manage Multiple Servers
Make bulk changes to NTFS, share, registry or printer permissions across multiple computers in a single operation to improve consistency across your environment while drastically reducing the amount of time you spend managing permissions.

Override “Access Denied” Errors 
Modify permissions becomes complicated and frustrated when you, as the administrator, receive “access denied” errors. Avoid these errors with Security Explorer’s administrative override to get the right permissions in place quickly.

Verify Permissions on Migrated Files
Moving files from one place to another? Back up your permissions on the source using Security Explorer, and then restore those permissions to the new server. Security Explorer can even verify the restored permission, ensuring your security is as it should be.

Audit Changes to Permissions
Security Explorer not only records changes, it also logs who made these changes. When this capability is combined with Security Explorer’s ability to back up permissions before a change is made, you’ve got a powerful change management system along with the ability to roll back unwanted changes.