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SharePlex Connector for Hadoop

Simple, affordable Oracle-to-Hadoop data connector

SharePlex™ Connector for Hadoop® provides easy-to-use, affordable, impact-free Oracle® database to Hadoop replication and near real-time data integration. It ensures business continuity while meeting your database operational goals, providing a real-time copy of data in a Hadoop environment—without impacting your Oracle OLTP system’s performance and availability. Load and continuously replicate Oracle data to Hadoop, Hive®, HDFS, and HBase® environments locally, remotely, or in-the-cloud for special purposes like business intelligence, predictive analytics, data warehousing, data staging, and archiving. This Oracle loader for Hadoop is an enterprise-class IT asset that will help your organization turn big data into actionable insights. 


  • Hadoop partitioning — Enhances analytic-processing performance with custom and range partitioning for your specific Hadoop environment.
  • Oracle data replication to Hadoop — Replicates multiple copies of data to Hadoop Hive, HDFS, and HBase environments locally, remotely, or in-the-cloud for better business intelligence, predictive analytics, data warehousing, data staging, and archiving.
  • Near real-time replication to Hadoop HDFS — Writes data to HDFS files in text, sequence or Avro format. Rebuilds tables periodically by merging all the changes captured in a batch mode, avoiding time-consuming manual refreshes.
  • Real-time replication to Hadoop HBase — Allows changes to be posted immediately with all the columns on the source table replicated to a single column family for fast data analytics.
  • Hive support — Enables data to be queried by Hive or Hive-enabled products like Toad™ for Cloud Databases, Kitenga™ Analytics Suite, and Toad™ Data Point.
  • Comprehensive toolset — Includes all the necessary tools for Oracle to Hadoop data integration.
  • Powerful data loader — Provides optimized, high-performance data loading from Oracle to Hadoop.
  • Change data capture — Enables audit capability with change data capture of insert, update and delete activity, optionally including pertinent metadata like SCN, ROWID, timestamp, user ID and more.
  • SharePlex Manager — Provides an easy-to-use GUI dashboard for monitoring your SharePlex environment.
  • Unrivaled support — Includes world-class, 24x7 support.

Sys Reqs

  • SharePlex™ 8.5
  • Apache® ActiveMQ® 5.6
  • Java Development Kit® (64-Bit) 1.6 or later  

Hadoop® environments:

Apache 1.2.1 (64-Bit)
IBM® InfoSphere BigInsights® (IBM BI 2.1.2)
Cloudera CDH 4.2.0 (64-Bit), 5.0.0 (64-Bit), 5.1.0 (64-Bit)
Hortonworks (HDP 1.3)

Optional: Install and configure HBase® to replicate tables to HBase and Hive® over HBase.

Optional: Install and configure Hive to replicate tables to Hive (Hive over HDFS or Hive over HBase).