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SharePlex Enhances High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Companies need to protect their critical data and files in case of disaster. A loss of data could trigger severe corporate hardships so keeping these systems highly available 24x7 is of the essence. 

There are many technologies which can accomplish this and some are even “free”. The long-term network costs are where the real spend occurs and this is where SharePlex can save you money. Here's how:

  • The same hardware can be used to reduce downtime for planned maintenance activities. So there is no sunk cost in idle hardware waiting to be used. Plus, SharePlex will not compromise your DR plan, as transactions can still be sent to your remote site(s).
  • Often DR solutions are in a waiting mode (i.e. it’s not actually up and running). Ensuring that the DR solution will be available when needed requires testing which often involves taking the DR solution offline which can be a costly exercise. Without regular testing, the probability of the DR solution working degrades with time. With SharePlex, your DR solution is continuously tested and always available for fail over.
  • Often the time to recover from a disaster will seriously affect a company’s bottom line. SharePlex offers the fastest methods available for fail over to the DR site in various configurations including peer-to-peer where there is simultaneous access to both databases.

The image of disaster is often interpreted to mean a site based event where the computing infrastructure is physically destroyed. Studies have shown that the vast majority of data loss is not due to these kinds of events. Instead, incidents such as a table drop, block level corruption or even the loss of a data file are some of the leading causes of data loss. SharePlex protects against all these events and more. 

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