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SharePlex Reduces Downtime During Migrations & Upgrades

Although they reap long-term business benefits, migrations are a major availability challenge that companies face today. 

Some typical migration situations include:

  • Data center &/or server consolidation
  • Retiring older technology
  • Platform version and application upgrades

Perhaps your company has participated in a merger or acquisition and is experiencing a related data center consolidation. Or you may be considering a change in hardware platform, operating system or application upgrade. SharePlex® can help reduce downtime in these situations and allows business to continue while the migration activities occur.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The original system will function as normal but SharePlex will capture and queue all transactions that occur during the migration.
  2. When the migration activity is complete, this backlog is applied to the migrated system and brought in sync.
  3. Now with a copy of the data present in both the pre and post migrated systems, activity stops very briefly to switch users from one system to another.
  4. If a problem is encountered during the migration, you can failback to the original system to make adjustments and users experience no downtime.

SharePlex Flexibility:

  • SharePlex maintains a current copy of data whether the migration is local or over wide area networks.
  • Replicate heterogeneous environments (such as Dell, Sun, HP, IBM as well as Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c or RAC). This provides flexibility and compatibility when selecting your hardware, consolidating your data, or merging companies with different platforms.

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