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SharePlex Offloads Reporting to an Operational Data Store

Many businesses face conflicting business needs: the need for the fastest possible response time for performing transactions, yet effective and timely decision support and reporting is critical to remain competitive. 

These divergent activities often slow the production system to unacceptably low levels especially during peak reporting times such as week, month or quarter end

SharePlex solves this problem by providing a current and separate target system that can be used as an operational data store for near real-time BI, data warehousing, and reporting as well as billing. Transaction processing can continue at the same performance levels and reports can be run with fresh data during regular business hours.  

This horizontal scaling strategy allows transaction processing to run without competing with constant queries for reporting needs. Regardless of how much reporting is asked of the system, it will have no effect on response time for your customers and internal users.

When a single replica does not provide the required scaling, additional replicas can be brought on line to further scale and increase performance of reports.

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