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Simplifying Identity and Access Management for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM

Centralize authentication, delegate privileged access, audit and report on activities, centrally manage local users and groups

Quest Software’s Quest One Identity Solution simplifies many of the most pressing identity and access management (IAM) challenges facing users of Oracle Linux  and Oracle VM . Rather than add infrastructure, platform-specific tools, or home-grown manual processes, the Quest One Identity Solution enables you to actually achieve your IAM objectives while increasing security, optimizing efficiency, and achieving compliance.

  • Directory Consolidation and Identity Unification – imagine the security, compliance, and efficiency gains you could achieve simply by consolidating existing Oracle Linux and Oracle VM accounts, logins, and identities into your existing enterprise directory infrastructure. This “get to one” approach means you no longer manage accounts, passwords, provisioning, or policy on individual boxes, rather you centralize these key IAM components around a directory, policy, and identity that you already have installed and optimized. Learn how to make Oracle Linux and Oracle VM systems “full citizens” with Active Directory through Quest Authentication Services.

  • Privileged Account Management – For Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris/Linux systems hosted on Oracle VM, the very nature of the powerful platform makes granular control and auditing of Oracle Linux privileged accounts  challenging, time-consuming, and in some cases less secure than you may feel comfortable with. Granularly delegate the Oracle Linux (or any other Oracle Solaris/Linux) root account and audit the entire range of administrative activities (even down to the keystroke level if desired) through Quest Privilege Manager for Unix.

  • Centrally Manage Local Users and Groups – Unix and Linux systems (even those hosted in virtual environment) are difficult to manage and even more difficult to audit. For users of Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris/Linux systems hosted on Oracle VM, you can now centrally manage and report on local users and groups with the FREE Quest Identity Manager for Unix tool.

  • Strong Authentication – Often, simple username and password authentication is insufficient for highly sensitive systems such as those often associated with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. Add one-time-password (OTP) authentication to your Oracle Linux and Oracle VM environment without adding proprietary technology, additional directories, and without expensive and maintenance-heavy tokens. Quest Defender in conjunction with Authentication Services extends OTP strong authentication to the entire range of supported Unix/Linux platforms including Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Oracle VM.


"Quest's commitment is to help organizations with heterogeneous systems simplify their approach to identity and access management. This is particularly true with the growing number of organizations running Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. Quest is proud to enable these critical systems to participate as full citizens in a unified identity namespace for centralized management, single sign-on, delegated privileged account management, audit, and strong authentication."