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Stat for PeopleSoft

Simplified PeopleSoft Change Management - Change Control & Version Control

Stat® for PeopleSoft is a version control and change management software that provides you with increased visibility into – and control over – the change process, allowing your organization to be more responsive to updates and patches. By implementing Stat, you can help manage change, establish and maintain change control, ensure your organization achieves regulatory compliance, and reduce the total cost of ownership of PeopleSoft applications.

  • Enforce separation of duties for improved compliance
  • Simplify migration with pre- and post-migration analytics
  • Automate rollback through native object support
  • Manage configuration and setups
  • Evaluate the impact of patches and customizations
  • Manage all applications from one repository for easier auditing
  • Control Hyperion, Informatica and other supporting applications


  • Third-Party Version Control Support – Archive and migrate objects from SVN, CVS and PVCS.
  • Custom Reports – Create reports according to unique requirements, including global parameters definitions, additional fields from the SQL query, layout and style preferences, and more.
  • Pre- and Post-Migration Steps on Distributed Environments – View and execute both post- and pre-migration steps on distributed databases from the window that comes up after a migration.
  • Pre- and Post-Migration Steps on Mass Migrations – Run the steps directly from the Mass Migration wizard as opposed to having to open each individual CSR.
  • Customized Migration Order – Specify the migration order in the Mass Migration Wizard for automatic CSR moves.
  • Automated Patching – Automate and enforce pre-determined, best-practice, and optimized change management processes, minimizing risk of manual error and allowing developers and DBAs to focus on higher-value activities.
  • Impact Analysis – Identify the impact that object modifications and patches have on other objects as the changes cascade through the system. This analysis provides you with a complete report of all changes impacting a given instance, allowing for a more streamlined testing process.
  • Version Control and Roll Back – Capture an unlimited number of interim application versions (“snapshots” taken during development), which can be archived with any combination of objects/files in each version. When necessary, this allows for selective retrieval and rollback (by object/file).
  • Workflow for Project and Process Management – Track all issues, automate team processes, group tasks by project, assign status requirements, and provide approval authorization. You can manage this from one central location, through either the Stat client for the Web or for Windows.
  • Regulatory Compliance Management – Ensure regulatory compliance by locking out and auditing unauthorized changes to an application. Stat enforces change policies via workflow, role-based security rights and audits of any and all changes to the underlying business logic. Stat also provides compliance-related reports for easily achieving compliance objectives.
  • Support for PeopleSoft Unicode Databases – Support the locking, archiving and migration of all PeopleSoft Unicode data.

Core Concepts

  • Support objects natively
  • Enforce separation of duties
  • Reduce or eliminate manual tasks by streamlining and automating change management processes
  • Enhance the structure of change processes
  • Evaluate the impact of patches before applying them to any environment
  • Manage change-related data centrally to provide quick access
  • Improve change processes by providing a more stable and secure environment

Change Request Management

  • Issue tracking for the help desk
  • Project management
  • Automatic escalation of assigned or past due tasks
  • Custom description templates
  • Integration with 3rd party service desks
  • Notifications as requests are worked
  • Ability to handle attachments


  • Ease of configuration
  • Integrated approvals
  • User defined tasks/workflow
  • Minimal consulting services required
  • Enforcement of required approvals
  • Email-based approvals
  • Different behavior based on change type

Version Control and Object Management

  • Manage objects in their native form: PeopleSoft proprietary objects
  • Maintain multiple versions of objects
  • Create and edit objects
  • Data Objects (e.g. PeopleSoft Functional Configuration Data) archive & migration
  • Schema Objects (e.g., tables, views, index, etc.) archive & migration
  • Provide wizards to facilitate object management
  • Establish baselines
  • Lock down objects
  • PeopleSoft proprietary objects
  • Track and display object history
  • Co-exist with existing version control system

Migration Management

  • Migrate any or all objects
  • Define the migration path
  • Synchronize environments
  • Complete the migration
  • Post migration steps
  • Support for SSH protocol in script execution
  • Direct/Point-to-Point Migrations
  • Enforce required approvals
  • Migrate multiple projects simultaneously (mass migration)
  • Pre migration steps
  • Database refreshes
  • Roll back changes, if required (individual objects, projects, packages)

Patch Management

  • Compare patch levels between environments
  • Impact analysis across multiple environments
  • Evaluate whether pre-requisites have been met
  • Analyze the impact of new patches on objects
  • Import patch projects

Auditing and Reporting

  • Role-based access controls
  • Centralized repository of change data
  • Custom reports
  • Scheduled report generation
  • Audit trail of all application-level change activity
  • Pre-defined change history reports
  • Web-based interface for ad-hoc reporting
  • Distribution of reports via email, PDFs, etc.

Product Architecture

  • Centralized server for minimal overhead
  • Support for multiple database connections
  • Complete, self-contained, fully integrated solution
  • Choice of platforms (Windows, Unix, Linux)
  • Web client interface for functional users and administrators

Sys Reqs

Supported Databases

DBMSOracle: 9i version 9.0.1 and higher, 10g version and higher, and 11g (Unicode and non-Unicode support for all Oracle DBMS)

MS SQL Server:
2005, 2008 (Unicode and non-Unicode: ISO Character Set with Unicode collation. Database defined with BINARY collation)

Notes: Can reside on same server as PeopleSoft or Oracle E-Business database or separate server. If PeopleSoft is configured for Unicode operation, the Stat database must be also.
Hardware RequirementsHardware independent. Must support Oracle or SQL Server.
Minimum RequirementsDevelopment database: 4 GB
Demo database: 500 Mb
Production database: 20 GB (growth varies dramatically by usage)

Stat Client

Operating SystemWindows 2000, Windows XP Professional (current SP recommended), Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit)
Database ConnectivityOracle: Oracle Client 9, 10 and 11
MS SQL Server: 2000 client, 2005 client, 2008 client
Minimum Requirements866 MHz, 256 Mb RAM per user on same machine
Disk: 500 Mb for local install (recommended) or <1 Mb w/network install with 500 Mb on the network
Web BrowserMicrosoft Internet Explorer (Windows) Versions 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.5, Apple Safari 4 and Opera Opera 9.6

Stat Server

Operating System and JDK/SDKStandalone configuration (recommended):
  • Windows 2000 Server SP2, XP Professional, 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 and release 5, Solaris 8, Solaris 9, Solaris 10, HPUX 11.11 and 11.23 or 64bit AIX v5.2, 5.3 or 6.1 (all English-based)
  • JDK/SDK Versions: 1.5.x; 1.6.0_5 or higher
  • Windows, Solaris, and RedHat Linux require Sun’s JDK/SDK
  • HPUX 11.11, 11.23 requires HP’s JDK/SDK
  • 64bit AIX v5.2, 5.3 and 6.1 requires IBM’s JDK/SDK
  • Standalone configuration not recommended on same machine as SQL Server Stat Database

WebLogic configuration (optional):
WebLogic 10.3 and higher
Minimum Requirements1 GHz (2GHz recommended for 20+ users) Pentium 4 (or equivalent)
RAM: 512 MB (2 GB recommended for 20+ users)
E-mailSupported protocols: Outbound e-mail-SMTP, Secure SMTP, Inbound e-mail- IMAP4, Secure IMAP4, POP3 and Secure POP3

PeopleSoft Environment

PeopleTools ApplicationsSupports all applications that are certified by PeopleSoft to run on the following PeopleTools versions: v7.0 (all versions), v7.5 (all versions), v8.0-v8.22, and v8.4-v8.52.

PeopleSoft Applications

Supports all PeopleSoft Applications built on PeopleTools, including but not limited to the following:
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • EPM (Enterprise Performance Management)
  • ESA (Enterprise Service Automation)
  • Financials
  • Human Resources Management
  • Portal Solutions
  • Student Administration
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Trading Exchange Services
  • Other (e.g., custom applications, etc.)

Supported Databases

  • Oracle 8i, 9i 10g, and 11g (Unicode and non-Unicode)
  • Connectivity: Oracle Client 9i

MS SQL Server:
  • 2000, 2005, 2008 (Unicode and non-Unicode: ISO Character Set with binary collation)
  • Connectivity: SQL Server 7.0, 2000 client, 2005 client
Note: PeopleTools 8.48 and higher require Stat to be running on SQL Server 2005 client.

  • ASE 12.5, 15.0 (Unicode and non-Unicode)
  • Connectivity: Sybase ASE ODBC client

  • DB2 UDB 7.1, 8.1, 9.1, 9.5, 9.7 (AIX, OS/390, z/OS)
Notes: Stat supports the locking, archival and migration of all PeopleSoft Unicode data. Character sets other than Western cannot be entered directly into Stat through the Stat GUI interface. All Stat features are available for use in a Unicode environment except for File Object Impact Analysis and File Compare & Merge.
FTP, SSH Servers RequirementsMust be NT, Unix, MVS or Netware compatible; SSH2 must use standard format listing; OpenSSH (UNIX and Windows), SSH Communications Corp. (UNIX and Windows), bitwise WinSSHD, and wodSSHServer are supported. VanDyke VShell 2.1 is NOT supported.
The configuration of your SSH server determines which ciphers are used when connecting to the Stat Server.  The Stat Server currently supports the following cipher and MAC configurations:

  • Blowfish
  • Triple DES
  • AES128Ctr
  • AES192Ctr
  • AES256Ctr

Message Authentication Code (MAC):
  • HMAC-MD5
  • HMAC-MD5-96
  • HMAC-SHA1-96

Language Supported:

  • US English



Stat for PeopleSoft

Stat for PeopleSoft

Enforce custom business rules via workflows

Stat for PeopleSoft

Stat for PeopleSoft

Email integration, Help Desk integration for workflow actions.

Stat for PeopleSoft

Stat for PeopleSoft

Manage change of both PeopleSoft database and flat file objects.

Stat for PeopleSoft

Stat for PeopleSoft

Restore objects and files immediately to a prior version.

Stat for PeopleSoft

Stat for PeopleSoft

Offer complete change management and version control – certified by PeopleSoft.


Case Studies

Application Changes Made Simpler for the City and County of Denver Change Made Simpler Choice Hotels Saves Time and Boosts Productivity in Application Changes with Quest's Stat for PeopleSoft Constellation Energy Uses Stat for PeopleSoft to Manage Version Rollbacks and Simplify Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Drummond Company Uses Stat for PeopleSoft to Automate Workflow and Quickly Access important Audit Information Health First Selects Quest's Stat for PeopleSoft to Easily Track Internal Change Audits and Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Requirements Large Retail Grocery Chain Streamlines Internal Processes with Stat® and Realizes Tremendous Cost Savings Loyola University Chicago Uses Quest's Stat Application Management Tool to Meet Its High Change Control Standards and Save Time Major Health Science Center Experiences 25 Percent Increase in System Development Efficiency Using Stat® for PeopleSoft Managing Application Changes Becomes Easier for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Papa John's Increases Productivity and Ensures Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Using Quest's Stat for Peoplesoft Ryerson University Gives Quest's Stat an "A" for Automating Change Management in its PeopleSoft Environment Simplifying Change Management in Government Spherion Recruits Quest for Fast, Efficient Change Management with World-Class Services and Support The Bureau of National Affairs Reduces PeopleSoft Upgrade Completion Time by Seven Months While Achieving Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance With Stat for PeopleSoft Towson University Reduces Turnaround Time for Change Requests and Enhancements from Months to Days Walla Walla University Reduces Patching Time by Nearly 70 Percent with Stat Westfield Insurance Reduces Audit Reporting Time by 97 Percent with Stat for PeopleSoft back to top