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Whether you are solving problems for a mega-network that spans the globe, or one that is much smaller, NC-Syncom Network Synchronization Managers were developed to solve your multiple logon, multiple user ID/password synchronization problems in a distributed network.
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Synchronize Passwords Across Multiple Systems

NC-Syncom helps you increase productivity by synchronizing passwords across multiple systems, servers, networks and applications. NC-Syncom not only allows you to reduce network service disruptions to end users, it provides much-needed relief for help desks over-burdened with requests to reset forgotten passwords. It also has a low profile, allowing you to control tens of thousands of users from a single copy, with no changes to existing systems.

  • Allow end users to access all supported systems and applications with a single password
  • Choose from a wide selection of centralized synchronization server platforms
  • Deploy NC-Syncom quickly and easily
  • Select from a wide range of supported agent platforms
  • Control user access across the enterprise using a single command at the authentication server


  • Password Synchronization – NC-Syncom solves password change and synchronization problems in distributed environments, securely and quickly, ensuring that employees can readily access corporate information wherever it resides.
  • One Password for Global Access – NC-Syncom synchronizes passwords across multiple systems, servers, networks and applications, ensuring continued operation in the face of authorized password changes users make due to corporate password change policies or system requirements. NC-Syncom then manages and synchronizes all further password changes that may occur on the user's defined systems.
  • Automatic Replication – With NC-Syncom, a password change is automatically replicated from one system to all other supported systems. For example, a password from RACF/MVS can be replicated to CA-ACF2/MVS. Utilizing one password to gain access to all systems increases security, as the user is likely to memorize one password as opposed to keeping a written list of many passwords.
  • Ease of Deployment – The installation and deployment of NC-Syncom does not intrude upon or modify any existing software, whether it is a server on the network, a client on the network, or an application. Because NC-Syncom components are completely server-based, no client code is required. This server-based approach translates into faster deployment for the IT department, and results in reducing help desk calls almost immediately. In addition, the quick deployment of NC-Syncom frees up, rather than depletes, IS resources.
  • Additional Features
    • Single revoke/resume command for entire enterprise
    • Full encryption (total data protection on all link traffic, DES protection during transmission)
    • Store and forward processing
    • APPC/LU 6.2
    • Command support for RACF
    • Can be installed under test mode to assess the benefit that can be delivered



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