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Tech Brief

Cybersecurity for Government Agencies

Cybercrime is everywhere, and government agencies are attractive targets for anyone who wants to create havoc for financial gain, political motivation, revenge, or … just because. You need to close the gaps in your IT to ensure the safety of your data and operations 24x7. You need to protect your systems from breaches both inside and outside the organization. Do nothing, or not enough, and you can miss vulnerabilities that could take down your entire IT infrastructure, exposing private data, or even worse, compromising public safety.

Quest’s solutions for cybersecurity enable you to meet the many government mandates and standards for providing safe, reliable and resilient IT systems, protecting your information assets from security threats — both internal and external. These solutions allow you to cost-effectively safeguard your environment by:

  • Controlling system access: use your existing technology to lock down access, ensuring that the right people get the right access, from standard users to highly-privileged administrative identities
  • Protecting data and applications: build a strong barrier between your IT systems and the outside world.
  • Implementing and enforcing policies: leverage a single trusted source to consolidate uniform policies resulting in centralized, enterprise-wide controls.
  • Preventing data loss: secure all system data both when it is at rest and in motion.
  • Recovering quickly: ensure a fast and complete recovery in the event of an accidental deletion or a malicious attack.
  • Responding and reporting: deliver real-time notifications and detailed audit reports on all systems, applications and platforms.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to protect your IT systems from cyberattack - no matter the source.