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Tech Brief

How to Achieve 40:1 Backup Compression with LiteSpeed for SQL Server's Fast Compression

DBAs often cringe when differential backups are discussed. Their benefits include greater space savings and shorter maintenance windows, saving time and money – but differential backups can be complicated to properly implement and schedule.

Dell's LiteSpeed for SQL Server with Fast Compression technology is the answer. LiteSpeed Fast Compression fully automates differential backup configuration, so you enjoy their benefits without the hassles. In this new technical brief, How to Achieve 40:1 Backup Compression with NetVault LiteSpeed for SQL Server's Fast Compression, learn to quickly and easily perform differential backups with Fast Compression, and get the same bulletproof backup and recovery levels you’ve come to expect from LiteSpeed.

See for yourself. Learn how LiteSpeed with Fast Compression takes the headaches out of differential backups and provides unparalleled cost savings.