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Tech Brief

Public Sector Solution Brief: The Blackboard Academic Suite and Quest Software Monitor and Diagnose Database Peformance Issues of Your High-performance e-Learning Applications

Quest Software’s Spotlight® discovers performance bottlenecks in your database environment both in real-time and historically. Spotlight is extremely flexible and capable of providing performance diagnostics on the Oracle, Oracle RAC and SQL Server database platforms, as well as DB2, Sybase and MySQL. Spotlight cuts through the complexity of the database environment and graphically portrays the performance status for administrators, enabling familiarity with the environment regardless of experience level. Spotlight automatically sets a baseline of normal activity for each database environment and calibrates its displays accordingly. You can also set thresholds and alarms relative to these baselines. Blackboard’s Performance Engineering and Architecture team uses Spotlight in house daily, including Spotlight on Oracle, Spotlight on Oracle RAC and Spotlight on SQL Server.