Tech Brief

Recover the Data, the Whole Data and Nothing but the Data You Need

Everyone gets the dreaded phone call; the one on which the caller says: “I just dropped a table in production by accident.” Then you ask the all-important question: “Which table, in which database?” You already know what the answer will be, of course: “It’s the big table with a lot of data in it,” The caller replies. Of course, the table also happens to be the database that takes hours to restore, requiring you to copy the data from the restored version of the database to the production database.

As you fire up the coffee maker and call home to let your family know that you’ll be at the office all night because of someone else’s dumb mistake, you remember that your databases aren’t backed up with the native SQL Server backup tools. Now what do you do? In this paper, I will dive into two different methods for you to restore your database—the normal process or the LiteSpeed™ for SQL Server way. There’s a good chance you will need to pull an all-nighter with the normal process; but by deploying LiteSpeed for SQL Server you could make it home before dinner.